The Project


Rove is on the show tonight, along with Waleed, Gorgi & Rachael Corbett.

Presumably to spruik Show Me The Movie and it’s move to Thursdays.


Promo shoot?


Nah. Think they’re just hanging out.


Ten getting to launch a new afternoon newspaper The Project? Well that came from nowhere! :smiley:


They all got part time jobs delivering papers. :wink:


Hamish is the only one being safe


Looks fun.


Now that’s news delivered differently…:joy:


Hamish has the helmet on and the ladies are on the bikes and haven’t got them on…suppose the helmets would mess up hair :wink:


Tommy is probably in the back on a pee wee 50


Gorgi said on her social media promo shoot filmed this morning.


Dave Thornton ,Susie Youssef joining Waleed and Gorgi,with Beau Ryan chatting about Sunday Night Takeaway.


Watched the project Australia tonight, differences I noticed and other things from the New Zealand version.

  • shorter camera holds on guests and wide shot
  • the back studio curtain is noticeably lower quality print
    Other things
  • I prefer the Australian theme and graphics
  • The Australian logo on the desk isn’t as crisp as the nz version


Me too. So much better. Wonder when we’ll be getting them.


Next week filling in for Waleed:

Monday-Thursday: Hamish Macdonald
Friday: Andrew Rochford

@Travis Carrie is not returning next week.


Promo shoot


Seem to be a few fake news adds around that include Karl and Lisa. Even saw one on TVTonight.


Sunday -
Susie Youssef joining Tommy, Hamish and Lisa tonight.


I love Sussie.


For what its worth, Sarah Harris mentioned in a social media comment last week that she is currently scheduled to do The Sunday Project every fortnight (I know we’ve seen that, but new that its a regular thing).