The Project


Sarah Harris joining Tommy,Hamish and Lisa again this week.


Bianca Del Rio was absolute gold. They should have had her cohosting the show


and get her on for more than a few minutes.

I still don’t know why they get celebrities on for only the last couple of minutes of the show. They always a show a pre-packaged story of a celebrity, and then rush through the questions and then cut the celebrity half way through them answering questions because they run out of time.


Richard Reid is on tonight’s show.


Sneak peek into the promo.



Sort of reminds me of the Seven News endtags.


Lisa looking very avant-garde tonight!


The Project 6.30pm rates lower than Changing Rooms so why aren’t 10 doing something!


No point doing anything if the alternative solution is something that rates worse.


How do they know? Need to try something because the Project is not delivering in total people or demos. However, it successfully drags the 7:30pm program down.


I agree, it’s surely reaching the point where anything (even Bondi Rescue repeats) will rate better from 6.30 to 7.30 than The Project. The Sunday edition is another major issue which just seems to be ignored.


They need to workout that 6pm slot first. See if that can assist 6:30. If it doesn’t then yes a change is needed.


Yes, you can’t blame The Project for being a bad lead-in to prime time without looking at the show’s own lead-in. The 6pm slot isn’t working and seems to be getting changed


Carrie returns to her radio show on Monday, so I wonder if she will be back on the project then too.


I would love Richard to have a weekly celebrity segment on the show.


Or launch The Breakfast Project with Richard as entertainment editor :slight_smile:


The Breakfast Project With Lisa and Karlos


the new promo with all of them is airing now


Craig Foster is on the panel tonight.