The Project


Joe Hill is filling in for Waleed tonight .

Sarah Harris joining Hamish,Lisa and Tommy.


What is wrong with Tommy Little. Trying to be funny (and failing) in every photo doesn’t make him funny.


Agreed. It’s very stupid now. Joke was over a year ago.


Leave Tommy alone


Why thank you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He’s probably very deeply depressed.


Tommy Little is filling in for Pete tonight.




Lisa Wilkinson to Samantha Maiden live at Parliament House in Canberra reporting on the asylum seekers medical evacuation bill passing the House: "Just quickly Sam … ". That so annoys me. Just let Maiden have a decent report and drop some of the later fluff.


What? Sam Maiden is a guest not a reporter.


She was reporting live from Canberra on a news story. But that wasn’t my point.



Well, they said she was reporting on something that just happened in parliament. So maybe she just stepped out for a few minutes and needs to get back in there to cover what’s happening.


It also bugs me when they say “We’ll have to leave it there”… it always comes off as so abrupt and ends the interview on a negative note. I’m sure there are better ways that could be done.


Why aren’t they using PVO on the project for this type of stuff? If they have he staff for this they should profile their own rather than bringing in outside sources.


ABC News 24 did the exact same thing this evening during coverage of happenings in Canberra.

Non issue.


The anchor says these types of things to let the guest know that the segment doesn’t have much time left so they must keep their answer brief.

Sometimes talent talk too much and they simply run out of time for niceties and have to wrap the cross up quickly in order to move onto the next item and not throw the timing out.


Carrie getting ready for her return was back in the studio recording promos yesterday. Hamish, Tommy and Georgi included this time with Waleed, Pete and Lisa.


Great to have Gorgi included in the promos.


Waleed,Gorgi,Tommy Little and Luke McGregor.