The Project


Tonight marked one year since Lisa joined The Project.


Where’s the :open_mouth: emoji when you need it!


Where’s the “what was the point of this” emoji when you need it?


Wednesday -

Courtney Act and Denise Scott are guests tonight talking about DWTS.


I think this could be really good, though something collaborative across all 10 platforms (Studio 10, 10 News First, 10 Daily) could be really powerful.


Friday -

Waleed, Gorgi, Luke McGregor and Tommy Little.


There’s been some good variety with guest hosts lately, some haven’t been as good as others but good to see them trying new people regardless.


Gorgi doesn’t know what night it is lol she said “coming up I’m a Celeb”


Sunday -

Courtney Act is joining Hamish,Lisa and Tommy Little.


Is this new?


Yes, introduced tonight.


looks a lot like the CBS This Morning Eye Opener


Is this a new starter for the project? I haven’t watched the starter in a while. It’s really good.


See conversation above, it stated last night.


That’s fantastic.
Is it only used for ad breaks/social media or actually at the start of the show?


Thanks internet is slow and post wouldn’t load. Anyway it’s really good.


No worries, agreed it looks awesome!


I think it looks great and very fresh however they need to turn the music down a bit so we can actually hear the news.


Waleed doesn’t seem to know the difference between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House (twice). :joy:


Waleed,Gorgi,Meshel Laurie and Becky Lucas on the show,also interview with Rove.