The Project


One is 10 Bold.


Of course. My mistake :man_facepalming:


aaaah, the 7PM Project launch. 10 years ago. The good old days… :slight_smile:


Tuesday -

On tonight’s show Jamila Rizvi’s interview with Saeed Maasarwe, father of Aiia the young Arab-Israeli woman who was brutally murdered in Melbourne last week.


Anyone else find it a little strange that she writes and is contracted for 9’s subscription site Future Women but is allowed to appear on The Project?

I don’t mind it, cause she’s great, but just thought 9 would’ve tried to utilise her more.


10 really should nab her. Get her to contribute to 10 Daily, The Project (as she has been) and across 10 platforms in general.


No. I think it shows some maturity by Nine that Rizvi appears on the ABC and Ten.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people being able to appear across networks such as 10/ABC do regularly… it’s just not something that we really see from 9/7 so a little surprising IMO.


A lot of freelancers now, it’s cheaper for the network.


Is it?


And it looks cheap as well.


Jamila is a greater interviewer:

Beautiful interview.


Jamila mentioned at the end of the interview when she joined the crew at the desk that the father reached out to The Project to tell his story.


Great to have a show that can cover stories like that on commercial TV.


Thursday -
Waleed returning from holidays.

Friday -
Waleed,Gorgi, Tommy Little and Meshel Laurie.


SBS Chief football analyst Craig Foster reporting for the project tonight from Bangkok about a football refugee encarcerated in a Thai gaol waiting to be extradited to Bahrain despite being a refugee.

These are the types of stories the project does so well.



I would totally watch a TV show with Tommy and Meshel. You listening pilot week?


Sunday -

Sarah Harris and Celia Pacquola joining Hamish and Lisa tonight.