The Project


This is such a great idea and I love the use of the videowalls here:

What a great panel. I like Andrew too, still don’t understand why he didn’t work on Breakfast.


I prefer it when Chris Bath is the newsreader rather than just a panellist.


He’s about as funny as a burning orphanage.


I have never heard of Jamila Rizvi until now, but her live cross really impressed me. The tribute at the end of the clip was outstanding and so well thought out.


She has appeared on the panel quite a few times. You can google some clips from her appearances.


Panel tonight was a lot better than usual!


Not really. I don’t think Chris Bath was a good fit with this group. She’s been great with other groupings.


Hamish, Chris, Tommy Little and Rachel Corbett were gold.

Maybe Chris might fit in well with the Sunday panel of Hamish, Lisa and Tommy (nothing against Sarah Harris though).


Hamish, Chris, Tommy and Rachel were a much better Sunday combo than the current line up.


Best Sunday lineup imo is what we got last week with Lisa, Hamish, Tommy and Sarah! Chris could replace Sarah but I quite like Sarah’s presence.

The Project needs to extend to Saturday’s, maybe Chris can anchor the Saturday program.


Chris Bath will be reading news on the weekends.


The only night Chris would be available is a Friday so hopefully we will see her make some appearances this year.


And potentially Sunday when they move the show back to Sydney for Sunday’s?


Next week -

Hamish Macdonald hosting Monday - Wednesday with Waleed returning from holidays on Thursday (24 January).


Sunday -

Susie Youseff joining Hamish, Lisa and Tommy tonight.


Extended promo, I quite like it.


10 years already… wow.
Isn’t this year also the 10th year of 9Go?


Yep it sure is on 9 August.


And 7two if I recall


And One (10Peach)!