The Project


This is the best panel for Thr Project on a Sunday.


True it is the best Sunday Project team.
Sarah is a perfect addition.


I still think Tommy is under utilized. I could honestly see him with a late night show…


They need a Saturday Show asap.

Tens figures last night were dreadful.


I am still unsure why they don’t have a Saturday edition.


The same reason why A Current Affair or Today Tonight or 7.30 don’t?


Seven and Nine don’t need too… Ten desperately need something on Saturday nights.


What are those reasons?


Wednesday -

Peter Van Onselen joining Gorgi, Hamish and Pete tonight.


I love Hamish hosting. He does a great job.

I also agree that Project should air on Saturdays.


Hamish tonight


This is what I would like to see more of from the Project. I also wonder if they could leave those prerecorded segments of celebrity interviews out and make an entertainment tonight show at 9:30, perhaps, hosted by Angela Bishop.


Friday -

Andrew Rochford hosting with Gorgi, Susie Youseff and Chris Bath.


Phil Collins interview also labelled exclusive yesterday.


Why did Rachel choose to wear her robe on television last night? :joy:


Her BFF Paul Murray always looks like he just rolled out of bed still half drunk. Rachel Corbett looks so much better.


She usually looks good but that kimono did not.


Chris Bath is making an appearance on the panel tonight.


I just saw an ad Susie Youseff is on