The Project


I’d say they would be in Africa by now.

I think all the celebs would be in Africa by now so I dont think Joe is part of this years cast.


Maybe he has been replaced by a hologram or a double? If ‘Hildebrand’ is arriving at work on time that would be a big clue that it isn’t the real one.


or pre record segments lol


To be fair, he’s only been late twice in 5 years…


From a hotel in Johannesburg perhaps?


That’s about a five hour drive away. Maybe they are staying somewhere a bit closer.


Promo said Yvie and Angie join us from the jungle just days before they head into the camp.
Also Tennis legend Roger Federer is on tonight’s show.


Wednesday -

Gorgi Coghlan is back from holidays tonight with Hamish, Pete, and Lehmo.


First Time for 2019 too.


Should mention that since Monday, the show has had new supers when they read out the news headlines.


New producer formerly with 7


She has a very similar presenting voice to Candice Wyatt, I assume as a producer as they don’t have on-air journalist roles other than the hosts.


Friday -

Andrew Rochford hosting with Gorgi,Benjamin Law and Harley Breen.


Well there’s a bunch of names just picked out of a hat


LOVING tonight’s lineup, especially the Doc. More please.


Couldn’t agree more, what a fun show!


Next week -

Lisa Wilkinson is returning from holidays.
Hamish Macdonald filling in for Waleed again next week from Monday -Thursday.
Andrew Rochford co-hosting again on Friday.


Waleed going into the Jungle?


Certainly looking like it.


Waleed worked all through Christmas and New Year’s weeks. Now Peter Helliar is back, he’s gone off to spend some of the school holidays with his family.

With Carrie off for a while, I wouldn’t think they’d want him off too for too long. Plus, he generally hates reality shows so doubt he wants to do one.