The Project


Like I said, this was a while ago now. She might have settled down since then.


A lot of people are passionate about him since his election, she’s always been a big lefty, but since she left FM radio she obviously isn’t performing as much comedy so focusing more on news stuff.


Anyone know is Sarah hosting The Project all week or just tonight?


Yeah, whatever happened to that?!


Alan Jones: shock jock.

A woman: rude and aggressive.


Yes. She’s a leftie.


Monday -

Narelda Jacobs hosting with Hamish Macdonald, Peter Helliar and Samantha Maiden.


I did the same thing about the same time. She was one of my faves, we even used to banter a bit on twitter. But then it all got too much.


Ah, so you know exactly what I mean.


Great addition. I rate her very highly


Mmmm… Hamish MacDonald. Fresh from his holiday at Byron Bay :slight_smile:


Tuesday -

Narelda and Hamish hosting with Pete and Tommy Little.


Tonight looks to be Narelda’s last filling in.


She’s been great!


“And thanks a lot for giving me the boys club [on my final night].” - Narelda Jacobs. :laughing:


Good to see Tommy back!

Did a great job in Antarctica.


Angie & Yvie on the show tonight.


from Africa?


Not sure, don’t think the promo specified if they were live in studio or whatnot but you would assume they would already be over there and settling in before Sunday’s premiere.


that’s why I’m curious about Joe still being on Studio 10.