The Project


Gorgi, Waleed, and Pete for Christmas day. Prerecorded I imagine.



I don’t mind the three style panel. Not for every show bit maybe Fridays or Sundays.



Yes, it’s prerecorded, with live news inserts.




Wednesday - Friday :

Dave Thornton joining Waleed and Gorgi.


Next week -

Narelda Jacobs hosting with Waleed and Dave Thornton.


Whole week?


Lisa Wilkinson didn’t like all the “big egos” at Nine and Ten is an ego free zone apparently (so Waleed Aly, Steve Price and Chris Brown don’t have big egos, Lisa?), and she admires all the strong professional women she has as colleagues at Ten as it appears she didn’t have such colleagues at Nine.


Lisa has the biggest ego of the lot judging by the financial demands she feels comfortable making. You don’t go in asking for seven figures unless you have a pretty lofty opinion of yourself and your popularity…


It’s behind a paywall. But she could be talking about the management too?


Chris Bath said something similar when she signed with Ten. The culture in the seven and nine newsrooms must be more cut throat.


Was that actually confirmed or was that speculation?


Pure speculation


Yet she is married to one of the most egotistical men in the country.


Weird, it opened for me from Facebook…


The Sunday Project returns 6 January.


Will anyone record this on Monday? I’d like to see this but I can’t access Tenplay at the moment