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A couple of (uninformed) comments below the News Corp story:


That’s gold. :stuck_out_tongue: lol definetly uninformed comment from “David” :slight_smile:


Just putting it out there that comment is not mine! :joy:


It’s all good mate :stuck_out_tongue:


Narelda Jacobs is on the show on Friday this week.


The panel opened with news of a pending “Breaking Story” which they are unable to reveal due to a suppression order.


Watch this space.


Was it just the Theresa May thing?


No its more religious and not about Christmas!


Indeed. Think a name (even mentioning it online right now is probably legally sketchy, so I won’t) that got prominent media coverage for a while but we haven’t heard a word about for months.


It’ll be a major newsworthy event when it breaks (or is allowed to break). Get the PVRs ready, folks!


Do they mean that they have an exclusive but can’t mention it because The Project has been slapped with a suppression order? Or is this a general news story that all media outlets can’t report?


Karl finally removed from Today? :joy:


that one.


Said to be a “huge Australian story” that is making news around the world but can’t be covered in Australia. Would make headlines for weeks.



It’s not hard to find online, but there is to be no discussion here


It must be The Simpsons are coming back to 10! Hahahahah :joy::joy:


Here’s tonight’s opener with Georgie’s remarks.


The internet beyond Australian websites is outside the jurisdiction of the suppression order.


NZ currently has the same thing with the Grace Millane case.