The Project


Jo Stanley is on the show tonight.


You’re a “very naughty boy”. For penance you must watch all the Money Put him movies. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now I’m scared to say I don’t know what those are either!


Tsk, tsk, tsk. You need to widen your cultural awareness.


I wonder what’s going on here…


Trying to convince Wilkinson not to go back to Today.


Well they’re all based in Sydney so they’re on the same flight down to Melbourne for tonight’s show.


Yeah I figured that was the case, was just having a bit of a joke and also convenient that they’re all on the same flight.


Very funny joke!:neutral_face:


Hamish will be busy tonight. After The Project he heads to ABC Southbank Studios to host Q&A.
It was great to have Michael Palin at the desk for the entire second half of the show last night. Not every guest gets the privilege.


Hamish MacDonald is co-hosting with Lisa tonight.

Really? The idea isn’t bad but I don’t think Palin was the best guest to do so. He doesn’t really fit their under-55s demos that they were referencing heavily on their 2018 ratings report.


Chairmans Lounge, very exclusive


Thursday -

Waleed is back hosting tonight.


Friday -

Meshel Laurie and Benjamin Law are on the show tonight.



Carrie gave birth to a baby girl named Adelaide


Chris Bath will be making appearances on the show in 2019 which is great news. :smiley:


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This story is so rubbish nobody from News Corp wanted to put their name to it :smirk:


How can someone be slammed by viewers when the show he’s on has none? :stuck_out_tongue: