The Project


Yeah, I’m sure Lisa Wilkinson single handedly created that. :roll_eyes:


Waleed did last week. So I would assume he will again this week?


Hamish is suppose to be back this Sunday plus he is filling in for Waleed all next week.
Also Sarah Harris is on the show again this Sunday. :joy:


Hamish probably did a quick trip to US/Mexico for a special report. Good to see some more in depth stuff making its way to commercial tv especially ten as they continue to improve their news coverage.


Sarah Harris is on the panel tonight.

Great to see that Tanya Hennessy is on the show on Friday night.


Tuesday -

Meshel Laurie joining Pete,Lisa and Hamish on the show tonight.



The cross to Steve Price, presumably from the top of 10’s studios at Pyrmont tonight, was equally as stupid as Tim Bailey’s earlier.


A poncho would have been better than Price battling to hold on to the useless umbrella.

More stupid though was the calendar. I’ll give money to help the homeless but I wouldn’t buy that calendar.


I’d say you’re not the target audience. :thinking:


Also he was holding it with a tissue or piece of cloth. whats with that?


I thought it was a folded printed sheet of paper, that was maybe his notes?


It was probably some notes for what he was talking about, they appeared to have gotten scrunched up and a little wet.


Friday -
Tanya Hennessy joining Dave Thornton, Hamish and Gorgi.


Sunday -

Hamish has a series of special reports from US/Mexico borders, first story airs this Sunday.



This show is confusing. Is this guest really going to relate to the audience? I had to google the name.


Lisa’s interview with the Irwin’s tonight.


You don’t know Michael Palin? For shame.


Absolutely no idea! :joy: