The Project


Seriously, is there any need to act so childish? Not sure what’s so hard to understand that there are bigger expectations placed upon the leader of a country than your average person.


Friday -
Sarrah Le Marquand joining Meshel Laurie, Waleed and Gorgi.


Wow hun you are showing real maturity. I worked with 5 year olds that showed more maturity than your comments.


You threw the first (of 2 and my 0) insults.


Back on topic, y’all.

Anyone recall ratings late into when The Project was still at 7? Wondering if that’s still viable.


When it was just The 7pm Project?
I think it hovered around the 700k mark.


They are still on at 7pm. The 6.30 lead-in allows for the 7pm half to be stronger; stronger than having Bondi Vet at 6.30.


They obviously need local news at 6-7.


Were they an hour as The 7pm Project or just half an hour?


Half hour.


Half hour at 7pm.


Maybe 6-630 local news. It can’t rate any worse than Pointless and is a better investment as it grows the brand and has the ability to slowly pick up viewers once they build more trust in the 10 News brand.


Exactly. But really, if they’re doing 6-6:30, then why not to 7 as well? When the biggest (by faaaaaarrrrrr) slice of the viewing pie at that time is local news.


on other channels. THey’re not coming to Ten to watch news at 6 or 6:30.

Ten should be concerned about the 5pm news getting beat by The Chase.

Used to rate 1m on the back of Masterchef.

Then they had to mess it up by extending it after Negus was axed and the whole news revolution disaster.


I would say the market is oversaturated. Ten would have more luck trying some obscure and different.


Only a handful of times.


Sunday -
Interview with Pamela Anderson! :sweat_smile:


It wasn’t a disaster. News at Six was getting higher ratings than just about everything tried since. Yes, Sifon, they are arguably not coming to Ten for news in that hour… but they not coming to Ten at all in that hour. Local news works. It’s about the only thing that can get them a decent number there - and I mean decent.


No it didn’t divide the country as it was minor news. Lisa Wilkinson trying desperately hard to confect more controversy.

Waleed Aly does the pre-recorded editorials really well, and has matured into a great interviewer. When he was first on the project I didn’t really like him as he came over as too smug, but over time that smugness has eased. Lisa Wilkinson is trying way too hard with those pre-recorded editorials, I think, as it’s not working and she is coming over as too smug. A live discussion about the topic with whoever else is on the panel would be far better.


I always get confused by those promos. joins us? at the desk? if it’s a pre record it could actually be Hamish as he is in America right now… and in saying that if he’s not available Sunday who will host?