The Project


HYBPA finishing up next Monday. So I wonder if they will start filming more shows in Melbourne now or bring more shows to Sydney?


Studio 10 speak creeping into The Project?


Why would anything change? The point of having Sydney is to make people here feel included but recording more shows here is difficult for hosts and crew.


Carrie’s last week of work before her maternity leave.


Watching the show tonight and the name supers as part of the refreshed graphics are far too big IMO.


It might be my eyes, but do they also slant up slightly to the right? Like not obvious enough to be a design decision, just noticeable enough to be off-putting?

And gosh Waleed is making it hard to enjoy the show lately. His aggressive questioning with the UFC guy tonight was so cringey. Can someone tell him not everything has to be a hard-hitting investigation. Hamish is much more pleasant.


Sorry if it has been mentioned, but has Carrie’s replacement been announced?


I think it’s just assumed Lisa and Gorgi will step up to fill her position over that time, I don’t believe anything official has been announced.


Wednesday -
Tommy Little filling in for Peter tonight.


Should be interesting #ThisIsOurLane campaign has really taken off.

U.S. Gun Debate

Weird question, did 9am with David and Kim use the same studio as The Project?




Tonight is Carrie’s last night before she goes on maternity leave.


Lisa confirmed during Brisbane’s weather tonight that she is taking on Mon/Tues nights along with Sundays on The Project with Gorgi doing the other nights while Carrie is on maternity leave.



The video is actually on instagram here




Friday -
Gorgi co-hosting with Waleed, Dave Thornton and Jo Stanley.


A Sunday Project film crew was banned from Hamilton Island during the week, after being told they were “not welcome” by the island’s management. The crew was filming a story about recent shark attacks in the Whitsundays, and Hamish MacDonald accused the local tourism authority of censorship.

This story will go to air tomorrow and will surely restart debate on how to deal with sharks without scaring tourists away.


Bit of a misleading headline but some interesting numbers.