The Project


Looking at the response to it too, I have to strongly disagree with some of the comments floating around at it being sensationalist/tabloid in having the “foot-in-door moment” with Dylan, being better suited to ACA etc. I think it was genuinely outstanding in its portrayal and content, and particularly in how it managed to be an extremely powerful piece through showing that moment and Jack’s mother’s profound reality.

It was a somewhat rare occasion where a beautiful synergy occurred in terms of producing captivating, riveting television with ethics, purpose and integrity


Imagine if this was done by ACA the reporter would be flying over and chasing Dylan and who knows things might turn quite ugly and the mother probably wouldn’t have her sons ashes.


Peter Van Olsen on the show tonight, with Peter Fitzsimons on Friday night’s show also.


Love Peter van Onselen. Wish someone would give him a free-reign show. Any time of the day will do me!


Lisa chats with Kylie Minogue this Sunday, with Guy Sebastian live at the desk also.


Friday -

Dave Thornton joining Gorgi, Waleed and Lisa tonight.

Sunday -
Waleed hosting with Lisa,Tommy and Sarah Harris.


Is this the first time Waleed has hosted the Sunday project 2.0?


Yes, I believe so.


Great idea IMO. Not only should they not have all their presenters off on the same day, I think they need to re-evaluate the purpose of The Sunday Project. The ratings are not great and maybe it needs to be more serious (like the Monday edition). Leave the lighter stuff/style, currently used on Sundays, to Fridays.



Why have they taken The Project’s Facebook site down?


It’s still there…


Oh I just realized I’m on a NZ VPN lol interesting to know they block other countries


I think it’s the same for the NZ version too.


The Project Australia facebook page is geo blocked in NZ and has been since the local edition launched. Probably a decision made to ensure any engagement with the page is the NZ edition rather than the Australian one and to reduce confusion.


I think it’s wrong to geo block The Project Australia FB page. Everyone around the world should be able to visit the page and give their views.


IT might also boost the numbers too.


Is it the entire world or just New Zealand though? It would be right to geo block in NZ given that the project exists there as a brand.

Same reason Netflix’s FB is geo blocked. You don’t want someone in AU getting confused with what content is coming to Netflix AU if they’re viewing the US posts.


4th panellist-
Monday - Peter Van Onselen
Wednesday - Kerry O’Brien


Looking forward to Kerry O’Brien returning to Ten!