The Project


Good to know i’m not the only person who thinks this. She doesn’t add much, does she?


Exactly. Most times she just repeats something that has been said in a story and adds nothing new.


Noticed tonight they painted the alcove header thing black, which combined with the dark blue on the slanty things, makes the whole thing feel way more tight than before.



Whilst I’m sure there are some MediaSpy members that wouldn’t be complaining about Tommy’s (for want of a better word) position in the above photo; but why is he doing that?


He thinks he is funny.


He tries to do something funny for each photo, he’s clearly run out of ideas.


I’d say it’s because he was outed last week for wearing cutoff denim short shorts last week and was showing he was actually wearing pants this week.


I think he is just trying to get some action


Monday -
Hamish co-hosting with Lisa Wilkinson ,Tommy Little and Steve Price.


Ten have a couple of quite large billboards around Brisbane promoting various shows and network logo at the moment, The Project getting some great of features as part of that also.


So is it coming from the Sydney or Melbourne studio? Cosidering 3 of them were in Sydney last night.


And Steve is Sydney based as well.

But no, looks like it was in the Melbourne studio.


I noticed a huge The Project billboard the morning after the relaunch with the new logo. Good to see 10 making a serious effort.


Tuesday -
Tommy filling in for Peter again tonight, Peter is returning on Wednesday.



No thanks Hamish.


Nah it was actually one of the best pieces they’ve done this year if not the best. The whole situation is fucked but imo Hamish and the team covered it really well.


As someone that associates loosely with the scene where this particular clique (noodlesandbeef - the report doesn’t actually mention the name and the small time media empire that these guys were associated with and/or part of) were once very popular, it was inevitable that this story would either surface in the Aussie or US media as it’s been all over tumblr ever since the news of the victims death was published. I think Hamish did a fantastic job with it.


What an incredible story. Never thought (sadly) these sorts of issues would see the light of day, especially on commercial television. Hamish did an excellent job