The Project


Wednesday -
Tommy is filling in for Pete again tonight.


Odd question, but are the video walls of the Sydney set used for anything other than The Sunday Project?


They’ve been used for Ten Sport broadcasts from the studio. Probably also got used for Saturday Night.


The Loop uses them for their new set, Sports Tonight, Bachelor/Bachelorette Unpacked videos use it now also.


New Network Ten logo is set to launch during the show tonight. I guess this already would have been mentioned in the Network Ten 2019 thread.


New logo? Tell me more :wink:


I wonder if we will get a new set and graphics for the show, to boot?


Would love to see new graphics and backdrop images for The Project, the set is fine.



Tonight’s ender


The whole show needs a facelift, it’s become very stale this year.

I would love to see them swap the desk out for a couch during the last part of the show, especially when they have a guest in the studio. Something fresh and different, a more casual vibe after the serious news headlines/stories are finished and a nice transition into entertainment content following at 7:30pm.


From 10’s press release tonight:

After a decade on air, The Project continues to break news, make news and entertain and inform Australians in its own unique way – six nights a week. This year, 10 will roll out the biggest marketing campaign it has ever put behind a single program to spread the word about The Project.

People know about the show, they’re just not watching it when you want them to or when it’s scheduled. Try addressing that first and then people might tune in.


How would you change it then? News rates best at 6pm, it’s on at 6.30


Why not “spread the word” about Sports Tonight since nobody seems to know when the hell it’s on? Everybody knows when The Project is on, it hasn’t changed in several years.


New crawler and a promo


New music by the sound of things in the updates as well.


New set and graphics also?


I was thinking potentially refreshed graphics since the Social Media pages and new title-card are a more richer gradient blue close to 10’s new logo. I think the Set is too early to be changed as it still looks fresh but there could be a tweak made here and there.


I think the backdrop is a little darker than before. But I might just be seeing things.


Thursday -
Dave Thornton filling in for Peter tonight.