The Project


Meanwhile on the ABC.

See his exclusive interview tonight

Kinda obvious that Ten was his only sit-down (which would be a few days old) whilst the ABC has the only footage of him at the Invictus Games (from today).






Sunday -
Sarah Harris joining Hamish, Lisa and Tommy.


Sarah must really love The Project or working with that lot (or trying to impress new bosses?) to commit to more TV when she already does 5 days a week of 3.5 hours of live television and is a busy Mum of 2 young kids. Credit to her nonetheless.


she usually has at least one day off Studio 10 when she knows she will be on The Project but sometimes she gets called up last minute to replace someone.


Lol she works about a third of the hours average mothers her age work and gets paid probably 5x as much. I’m sure she will survive.


But as I’m sure any high profile TV presenter will tell you, their work is a lot more than what you just see on screen!


Of course. However, hardly ‘credit to her nonetheless ”worthy. She’s reading a teleprompter, not saving lives.


Wednesday -
Hamish Macdonald filling in for Waleed.


Tommy Little is filling in for Peter Helliar tonight.


When I saw The Project live earlier in the year I purposely went on a Monday when the four regulars were on - Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Steve Price. They are the best team I think. When some of the others are on it can fall flat, especially some of the comedians who sit in for Helliar.


I was thinking maybe ten should try and poach Kate Ritchie. She isnt my favourite. But is obviously a very popular figure and could bring in a different audience to ten.


Yes, because her last turn with them hosting Don’t Tell the Bride turned out so well.


Was that her fault or the premise of the shows fault?

Either way very different shows. If she can win an award for her radio show there is obviously popularity towards her.


I’d argue they’re different mediums. John Laws and Alan Jones did well on radio but TV audiences haven’t appreciated them to the same degree


Doesnt her logie wins suggest she is popular on tv too?


On a program she grew up on? It means her character is popular.


would rather Marty