The Project


From what he said during the interview, publicity for the book has been put on hold.


The shows royal correspondent covering their Australian trip is… Anne Edmonds :joy:


The project, news delivered differently…is their catch phrase!


Monday -
Julia Morris talking about her new show Blind Date which premieres tonight.


Is Morris standing in front of the Streets logo or iHeartRadio logo?! :thinking:


A love logo. :wink: :heart:




Friday -
Lisa Wilkinson is back hosting with Waleed, Gorgi and Meshel Laurie.


Really? I don’t think any less of him that’s for sure… maybe to some bachelor fans he has a damaged reputation but to the sporting fans I don’t think they’d give two tosses.


Lisa’s interview with David Beckham will air this Sunday. I think this was one of the interviews she did whilst in London.
David and Victoria Beckham will travel to Sydney to attend the Invictus Games.


Sunday -
Jo Stanley joining Tommy, Hamish and Lisa.


There’s a show in the Hamish & Tommy double act. A revamped Coast To Coast?


What is going on. They gave Jamie Lee Curtis the last two segments tonight, rather than just the last 4 minutes they usually give guests. The interview was far more relaxed, none of the cutting off and rushing. Why don’t they do this more often.


Totally agree. It was prerecorded so they knew how long it went for, I guess.


Friday -
Gorgi co-hosting with Waleed, Dave Thornton and Merrick Watts.

Sunday -
Lisa’s interview with Jon Bon Jovi.


I wonder when Lisa Wilkinson, The Project and Network Ten are going to stop lying about Wilkinson’s “exclusive” interviews?


Calm down. It may have been an exclusive interview when he originally granted it. He may have chosen to give the interview to the ABC later because he is passionate of the Invictus Games.


Well then it’s not an exclusive interview. It’s only an exclusive if the subject has agreed not to talk to anybody else which clearly isn’t the case here.


It probably was an exclusive originally. Then he changed his mind while here and granted the second interview to ABC.


Depends on how narrowly that’s defined. Maybe Lisa was allowed to cover a topic with Beckham that the ABC won’t get. I know, splitting hairs, but if they can use the word, they’ll use it. Not to their benefit sometimes.