The Project

Yes it seems that way for now, plus Gorgi Coghlan is currently on holidays we will see when she returns if she just goes back to being the 4th host on a Friday night.


Audience call for the 90-minute special next Friday, celebrating 10 years of the show.



Friday 12 July -

Waleed hosting with Lisa, Dave Thornton and Christopher Pyne.


Sunday 14 July -

Hamish hosting with Lisa, Susie Youssef and Rachel Corbett.


The more I see Susie, the more I love her. She is funny but also has a decent contribution to the serious segments and doesn’t act like a fool, unlike the other ‘comedians’.


She’s certainly improved a lot since first appearing on the show as a regular!

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This Friday The Project will mark 10 years on air with a 90 minute special from a larger studio.


Has to be Docklands Studios to accommodate a bigger audience.

Monday 15 July -

Waleed hosting with Carrie, Pete and Tom Tilley.

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Now that Steve Price has a show on 2GB will he be able to do the Project anymore? He’s popped up on Today show this morning and I assume his contract would make him bias to nine now?

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He’s had a show on 2GB for many years doing 8pm -Midnight.

All that happened is he just moved slots.


The only problem now is that he won’t be able to be there for the prep and rehearsal so may not be able to do it.

Carrie manages it and she’s on air until 4:30pm. Steve will finish at 3pm.

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@David Isn’t Stevie in Sydney and Carrie in Melbourne? So he won’t be a regular panellist anymore. He will probably still have guest apperances though throughout the week.

Well he clearly made it work finishing at 7:30pm for The Project and starting on 2GB 30 minutes later each Monday night. He was obviously doing it from 3AW.

You would think finishing 3.5 hours early now would make it easier for him to do the show than having only 30 minutes to get to his radio show like he’s been doing for many years.


But doesn’t Nine own it now? That’s why people like Karl, Deb Knight and Phil Gould all got jobs? Would that mean a contract to exclusively appear on nine shows like Today?

Price can easily do his Monday radio show from Melbourne, surely? And Nine doesn’t have full operational control of Macquarie, if they did the Alan Jones fiasco would not have occurred, I think. It apparently was pressure being applied as majority owner that solved the problem.

Steve does his show on Mondays from 3AW as it is, so his new show won’t be any different just prior not after.


Thank you.

That’s what I’ve been saying.