The Project


It’s kind of like the Katering Girls humour. Not everyone gets it.

I felt like Jan Fran wasn’t very well received either. Maybe it’s an ABC/SBS thing?


I have to agree that she’s not that great either. She thinks she’s funny but she’s the only one who thinks that. Reminds me of Scott Dooley who really struggled with his odd brand of humour too.


The project had a slight technical difficulty tonight also. They thru to the segment of the guy who flipped the prime minister and another video flashed, then the panel stalled for a few seconds before the right segment was put to air. They handled it like pros. Was hardly noticeable and the smoothest blooper I’ve seen in a while.


I actually got the impression the Tommy Little was a little turned off.

The presenters just didn’t know how to work with her.


But Tommy Little has worked with her on stage before. I got the impression that Tommy and Pete are good mates with Anne and therefore I think they were all trying really hard to make it work. Maybe too hard. It just didn’t work and no matter what they did, they couldn’t save it.

Perhaps the character just doesn’t work in an interview show situation. They’ve had characters on the show before like Kath & Kim or Jim & Effie from Acropolis Now. Those characters can take the piss out of the hosts without it looking too caustic or disturbing. Helen Bidou failed on that front.


This promo was just before the 2nd ad break tonight:


Hey guys, this is a little different from the usual but hoping some can help. For my Year 12 media film (a short-form documentary) I’m using ‘The Project’ as one of my influences. I’m looking for a cap of a piece-to-camera in front of a green screen with graphics keyed behind. I want to use it as inspiration (everything needs to documented in a folio). Would be great if anyone can point me the direction of an episode featuring this.


Is it just me or are each of the interviews and segments now running quiet a bit longer than normal? I have noticed this all week.


One of my pet hates about something they say is at the conclusion of an interview, even if it’s obvious the conversation is finished, Carrie or whoever is in her seat says “We’ll have to leave it there”… Not a great way to finish an interview IMO.


It seems as though having the power of CBS backing is slowly starting to creep through.

There are quite a number of high profile guests being interviewed of late. On-top of that having access to emergency services personnel exclusively in Australia for an interview after the shootings in the US.

I have noticed quite a number of articles and new items from ‘influential’ and high profile persons in respective fields also appearing across Ten News services and Ten Daily. More resources being put in.



They’ve always had high profile guests come through, I wouldn’t say there’s been a noticeable increase this year. Are you thinking of any particular examples?


I guess moreso then usual.


Friday -

Lisa is back hosting with Waleed,Lehmo and Meshel Laurie.


Really? I’ve barely noticed anything.


Yes. They’ve always had high profile guests. The only difference now is they’re doing more pre-recorded interviews than they had been.


I know this style of promo for the Sunday show is nothing new, but it seems that this version of the show is now unpologetically based around Lisa.

Given its a panel show, featuring discussion etc perhaps these packages would’ve been better presented as her own show?


They do exactly the same when Hamish, Carrie or Waleed have a special report on the show. Last week the promos showcased Hamish with his interview with the New Zealand Prime Minister.


To be fair though, that stuff doesn’t happen as regularly as Lisa’s special reports do. They also (as far as I’m aware) don’t do single presenter only end boards like they do for Lisa also. I don’t mind her on th show, just think she might’ve been better utilised & promoted with her own show.


A lot of us agree and that is likely to be the end game but whingeing about it every week is not going to make it happen any faster.