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So another random comment from myself and others from this topic are in that article. We want some sort of payment for these fortnightly articles. lol.

The comments on FB with that article are taking our comments as gospel. lol.

Next thing we will be reading is that Dave Hughes and Charlie Pickering will be returning to The Project desk to help improve the ratings…


I usually don’t click on these articles any more but you made me curious. The first half of itiis jis ust made of all our comments and mine was word for word. Very lazy journalists over there.

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I generally don’t click on them either, but I had some time free this afternoon to do so. The first half is pure laziness and not much substance by the “journalist” (aka mediaspy fanatic. lol).

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is that what they call them at the DM? Not much journalism involved. AI could probably do a better job.




Feel like I should apply for a job with them, you just browse social media, copy and paste a few posts into an article, and that’s a paid job? I could get that done in about 10 minutes then take the rest of the day off!


Hey Daily Mail, contact me, make me an offer, then we will double it, maybe then the offer would be credible.

I can do the cash for comment thing.

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Can we see something like this happening? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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Pete Helliar on the desk tonight leaving Michael Hing well and truly in the shade.


I’m surprised Malcolm’s attack on Dutton hasn’t got into mainstream news yet, he basically said he couldn’t think of a worse person to be PM of Australia.

Mainstream media = News Corp papers = Dutton fans who’d hate Turnbull to the core.

If it was Kevin Rudd praising Albo then they’d have their arms in the air.

Sarah and Rachel shared news headline reading last night. Is this new?

Usual for Sundays IIRC

Dave Hughes as a guest on the show tonight and it was announced he will be a co-host on Sunday. First it was Pete Helliar, now it’s Hughesy. Who’s next? Carrie? :wink: Interesting that they’re being brought back for Sundays.


I had to check what day it was cause the Sunday team are on tonight from Sydney.


Do we still think Hughesy is going to be hosting tonight?

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Surprised they didn’t have Hamish hosting on tonight or bring Waleed on.

They seem to be short on potential male presenters, quite often if Waleed or Hamish is off they have one of female presenters replacing them instead of another man.