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So Adelaide only got half the show tonight because they had to cross to the soccer. Why couldn’t they have shoen The Project live into Adelaide from 6pm? Deal or No Deal is a repeat on Fridays so it could have just been screened after the soccer.

The full hour long show was shown in Adelaide tonight after the late news. The same will happen next Monday for the soccer.

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Lehrmann listed four grounds for appeal:

  • Denial of procedural fairness by the trial judge.
  • The justification finding was contrary to the evidence and the application of the standard of proof required by trial judge.
  • Construction/misconstruction of the imputations by the trial judge.
  • Inadequate award of damages where aggravation was made out by the applicant.

Must have left another hat behind.

Back to the alternative intro again tonight. Seems like there are two different producers on the show and they don’t agree on the new intro.

Monday to Thursday is going to be different to Fridays and Sundays again.


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Sunday Project had the normal headlines intro and more natural introduction and sounded like they changed the aboriginal lands bit to be shorter “coming to you from Gadigal land”

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They did a verygood table talk segment on the show tonight. Great to see them trying different things like this.


What was the topic?

Toxic masculinity figures influencing teenage boys

Apart from Andrew Tate who else is there? I just find him as a character designed to make money.

Hasn’t he been charged for sex trafficking and other such crimes? I think it’s a bit more than a money making influencer.

Strange cold opening tonight.

We went from the end of Deal or No Deal to black and white footage of a performance by The Beatles. Then Sarah introduced the story about 60 years since The Beatles toured Australia. :man_shrugging:

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Today it was a Celine Dion film clip to introduce a story about an interview she gave in America which had voice overs by Sarah. The start of the show has become very strange now.

ETA: They revisited the same story later in the show by running a summary of the leading story. WTF?


This show just seems completely lost. It’s as if it’s lost it’s identity.

Next to axe you’d reckon??

If The Project is to be axed, then 10 needs to have a succession plan for the next current affairs show.

I honestly don’t have an answer.

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