The Project

Story of 10’s existence - by trying to appeal to everybody they have found themselves appealing to nobody.


It’s a like mix between ROVE LIVE, studio 10 and 10 News First.

ratings are a reflection of viewers, not of advertisers.

All shows have lost ratings over 2 years. It’s probably more to do with the gradual shift away from linear TV viewing rather any specific factor.

Home And Away used to take in a million viewers only a few years ago. I think now it’s a fraction of that. Viewing numbers across the board have dropped.

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If you take into account streaming and consolation figures, Home and Away get’s to about a million, or pretty close to it.

How is it any different to when it started more than ten years ago? They have always done news headlines, interviews and comedy. They have had two news presrnters and one comedian for most of its run.

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Charlie is a comedian. It’s taken a much harder news angle since Waleed joined but was much funnier back in the Pickering days.

They seemed to be having fun last night though - it had a nice loose feel. If not Rove I do think Grant Denyer - despite my complaints about him on Deal or no Deal - would be a much better host for this rather than Waleed or Hamish. Both of these are too serious generally but last night gave me hope.

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Grant would be a better host, but Waleed and Hamish can at least do serious political news, unless they want to turn it back into the lighter show it use to be.

But he read the news just like Waleed does. While he might have cracked more jokes when they were bantering,he still did the serious news stuff.

Charlie actually has a Bachelor of Arts (American Politics) and a Law degree.

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The bigger story is how Ten threw her under the bus to save The Project and make it look like it was Lisa going rogue at the Logies. But Ten admitted in court today that they approved the speech and even their CEO personally texted Lisa “beautiful speech”.


Beverley McGarvey has a lot to answer for.


There is a salary save right there……


Very funny show tonight. They were really taking the piss out of Tony Armstrong .

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I just dont understand why they would get Waleed to interview JLow

If Georgie Tunny can be a mad Swiftie, then why can’t Waleed be a J Lover? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know to you it’s probably a minor thing, but you’ve been corrected before in the proper spelling of his name yet you still continue to spell it wrong.

It is Waleed, with one l and two e’s.

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Waly for short.


And while we’re at it, it’s J Lo. There’s no Low in Jennifer Lopez.