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Nope… The Friday edition for the last 9 months has been coming out of Melbourne permanently. It only returned to Sydney last Friday.


Credit where credit is due - Sam Taunton has won me back over. I think he is getting funnier, especially in the ad-lib bits. The lighter tone of the show has been so much better this year.


Sam’s getting better but still seems very forced and uncomfortable in the role. I wonder why they didn’t get him on in a guest appearance to get some practice a few times before Christmas.

Would love to know why they dumped Tom Cashman for him or didn’t go with Michael Hing for more days.

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Im also surprised that Sam wasn’t a guest here and there prior to Christmas, to get his presentation skills that little bit better. He is getting better, but does seem a little forceful.

As for Tom Cashman, i found his presentation a little annoying. I know that all comedians are subjective, Just not my “cup of tea”, i guess. I do like Michael Hing and hoped that he was on the show more often.


They got some gold tonight with Sam’s vox pops!


That guy was hilarious. They struck gold.


I’m sure the promo they played over summer has a different song over it now? It’s giving FRIENDS vibes.

Waleed Aly brought the NT Police Commissioner’s skin colour into the debate on crime in Alice Springs.

Suggesting the NT Police Commissioner can’t do his job properly because he’s white. Not a good look to be asking questions like that Waleed.

He said nothing like that. That’s been reinterpreted by right wing nut job Cory Bernardi and jumped on by another right wing nut job Katherine Deves who is trying to get a job as the next divisive Sky News commentator.


Terrible report.

Hence why know one takes Sky News seriously in this country and it’s perceived as a third rate news organisation.


Why are you even trusting a source that is Sky News. That didn’t even happen.


That’s not what he said.


Trust Bernardi and Deves to twist Waleed’s words around so they can bash him and The Project for any reason.

If it was someone like Paul Murray or Rita Panahi who said something like that they’d be jumping at their defence at the first instance.


He might have not said it in so many words but that’s what he was clearly implying - that people in Alice Springs feel a disconnect to him and his messaging because he’s white - therefore the job not being done properly.

Can someone upload the promo with the new sound please

Bloody hell, that is some serious reaching. Anyway, it’s Australia Day, what are we doing bickering on a forum? Let’s go celebrate.

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Sam Smith, Jason Donovan, Iliza Schlesinger, Adam Hills And Paul Rudd.

Next Week On The Project.

Sunday To Friday, 6.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

Movie stars, singing sensations, comedians and authors – this week on The Project there’s something for everyone.

On Sunday, get cosy on the couch with Georgie Tunny and Unholy songster, Sam Smith, for a deep dive into their new hit album. Covering everything from music, art, love and slut-drops, Sam opens up about their struggles in the limelight and why Gloria is one of their most passion-fuelled releases yet.

Later, Neighbours alumnus Jason Donovan pelvic thrusts his way to the desk to chat all things Rocky Horror Show. Jason is headlining the Australian production of the iconic rock ‘n’ roll musical next month, just in time for the show’s 50th anniversary.

Chrissie Swan is swooping in as special guest on Monday. Between reprising her role as host of Would I Lie to You? and preparing for her new Nova radio gig on The Chrissie Swan Show, Chrissie is carving out time to chat with Sarah, Sam, Waleed and Pricey before her epic year kicks off.

The spotlight will remain firmly fixed on the desk’s fifth chair on Tuesday, when comedian Iliza Schlesinger (pictured) joins the panel live. Whether you know her from her Netflix specials, sketch shows, films, books, or Jimmy Kimmel appearances – chances are you’ve seen Iliza and know why her sharp humour has earned her award after award, year after year. It’s more star power on Wednesday as Adam Hills dials in live from London to chat about his second kids’ novel, Rockstar Detectives: Murder at the Movies.

Avengers fans better cancel their dinner plans this Thursday, because The Project is crossing live to the red carpet premiere of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. In a TV first-on-ground exclusive, the panel will chat with stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly and Jonathan Majors about what it’s like to be Marvel’s mini megastars.

It’s a hard act to follow, but if anyone can – it’s Luke McGregor! The Melbourne comedian settles in at the desk on Thursday ahead of his debut in the Australian spin-off of Taskmaster, airing straight after the show at 7:30pm.

Gotta see it to believe it? Join The Project’s live studio audience in Melbourne and Sydney here.


Tom Cashman cracking me up again tonight. Great to see him back again.