The Parent Jury

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Brave mums and dads who believe their parenting style is the best will be put to the ultimate test in The Parent Jury.

In this controversial new series, opinionated mums and dads will take turns judging each other’s parenting styles. Helicopter parents, tiger parents, free-range parents, designer parents and strict authoritarians will all show how they bring up their families with a view to convincing the group that their way is best.

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I hope this is super controversial, with lots of over the top drama !
I want heaps of bitching over parenting styles, lots of name and shame calling, kids crying, ridcule for bad parenting, ACA covers it !

It sounds like you’re a consumer of some quality programming.

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Like Neighbours.

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Nine has told TV Blackbox that this show won’t air this year due to COVID-19 interrupting production, but remains in development until the timing is right.

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