The Midwife

New Screen Australia funded project for Nine:

The Midwife (working title)

A family drama about the dedicated staff in the maternity ward of a major city hospital, produced by Playmaker Media for Nine. The creative team features writers Jonathan Gavin ( Offspring ), Ainslie Clouston ( Playing For Keeps ), writer and executive producer Sarah Smith ( Love Child ) and executive producers David Maher and David Taylor whose credits include Bloom and The Commons .

They’ve already done a show like this with Love Child and Offspring was along this line too. It’s likely this will be yet another female centric series so same same again.

Why can’t they do a hospital drama which would appeal to a wider audience?

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Or any drama which would appeal to a wide audience, really.

There’s been too many heavily female-skewing, romance-themed dramas (including, but not limited to the titles you mentioned) on commercial TV in recent years.

The concept sounds fine (and we do need more dramas on our screens) but hopefully they can find a better title for their show. In recent years Australian (and to a certain extent, International) dramas have been quite obsessed with naming their dramas ‘The (Blank)’.

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I hate that naming convention and I’ve mentioned it before.

I really don’t think audiences need a show about The Midwife after we’ve had Love Child, Offspring and Call The Midwife on our screens in recent years.

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