The Masked Singer

I also predict (and hope) that it will be Katy Perry given that she was recently in the country. Surely, there has to be a big enough international superstar to make it a ‘one-night’ only event. I am actually very excited for this special episode. And MenuLog has been featured quite heavily on this season.

If it was Katy - I hope she can do a mash-up of her song + MenuLog Did Somebody Say? :smile:

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You’re probably right. The performance from Kyle Sandilands last time was pretty much a promo for Paw Patrol on Paramount+.

I hate to break it to you but that’s a jingle not a song. Perfoming that would be a new low for her career.


I try to liven up the mood in this forum with my humorous and tongue-in-cheek posts…never mind. At least I try. I am so glad that I don’t get misunderstood in real life with my real friends!

If people want to shoot me down with a repartee, at least they should come up with a better one than this.

I see that you (and the people that like your post) are probably jumping on the anti Katy Perry MenuLog bandwagon or maybe just do not get the nature of my post (or most of my posts like most people here).

So singing a ‘jingle’ is a new low and yet singing behind some silly mask in a silly show is not! We don’t see Madonna/Beyonce/Kylie doing this show (at least not yet) because that would be a career low. Snoop was paid a rumoured $10million for MenuLog so I assume Katy’s asking fee would be around that ballpark. If someone is going to pay me that insane amount of money, I wouldn’t call it a career low. I would sing the sh-t out of the phone book if they want me to.

I don’t want to get into a back and forth exchanges with you because it has a tendency to morph into a confrontation and argument. I have had a bad day at work today so I don’t need more haters to make it worse.

If I were to continue to participate in this forum, I am not going to fuc$king change the way I communicate because this is my individual style in real life.

I mean imagine how Michelle Williams feels looking like an idiot when Beyonce has the #1 album in the world.

Ad just ruined it again.

Now that is a low too. Singing the jingle would just be a lower low. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Exactly. Which is why Katy Perry shouldn’t do it either.

Not trying to shoot you down at all. Just joining the conversation and having a laugh. If you’re going to make these big, bold statements, you going to have to accept that not everyone sees it the way you do.

I think you need to chill out.

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I think what he’s trying to say is that singing the Menulog tune as part of her performance is pretty tacky and would be a blatant attempt at product placement. You’d think for a primetime singing show they could do better than just throwing in a tune to promote a sponsor just because Katy Perry was involved.


Exactly right and most viewers would agree.

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With the promo saying it’s the spiciest reveal yet, I am going to guess it’s one of the Spice Girls. I am leaning towards Emma Bunton. Her and Mel B were also just on the new season of The Circle on Netflix.

Poodle Is Unleashed.

Tori Spelling Revealed As Poodle On The Masked Singer Australia.

From Beverly Hills 90210 to The Masked Singer Australia stage, iconic actress Tori Spelling has been unveiled as the special one-off celebrity performer on The Masked Singer Australia.

Her paw- some rendition of Madonna’s Material Girl and Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know, had the judges on their feet, but the perplexing clues lead the panel astray. Abbie Chatfield’s first guess was Tori, but she later locked in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kyle Richards, Chrissie Swan hedged her bets on pop royalty, Katy Perry, Mel B was certain it was her fellow Spice Girl, Emma Bunton, and Dave Hughes placed a bet on Canadian singer Carly Rae-Jepsen.

Asked to describe her The Masked Singer Australia experience, Tori said: “I had the best time. I’m literally living the dream - I am in Australia. I’m a popstar for the night. My family, even though they don’t know what I’m doing here, they would never believe that I’m here.

The Masked Singer Australia returns on Sunday night at 7.30pm for the grand finale – who will be the final mask to “Take it off!”?

I don’t know why people still need to make these sorts of comparisons. We all know that Beyonce is in a league of her own with her solo career. Michelle to many was often just known as the “third” member of the group. Still she’s a huge name to have on the show from one of the worlds most successful girl groups. I’m sure she was paid well enough to make it more than worthwhile spending a few days performing in a costume.


When Poodle was unmasked as Tori Spelling on last night’s show, many fans were felt let down (based on what I saw on Twitter right after the broadcast) especially after several clues pointed to Emma Bunton. Mel B was very confident Poodle was Emma.

If you had the time to pause and calculate the equation, the result is 90210.

We did in our household. Also, I got the A. Foley was here in 1984 reference. Axel Foley was the character Eddie Murphy played in Beverly Hills Cop.

So we were wondering if it was somebody from Beverly Hills 90210 but then dismissed it. We thought out of the four best known actresses in that series none of them are known for singing and that the performer sounded too good to be an amateur.


They did a good job of getting her in and out of the country without anyone knowing


Can’t wait for the grand finale. In Abbie’s words - I am having gooseys!.

I actually don’t mind this year’s panel lineup (even though personally I am not a fan of Mel B). I think they got the balance right this year with Hughesy the only goofy one who spits out random names. I would have no complaints if the same panel returns next year.

I am trying not to be a victim of ‘click bait’ on the internet when there are supposedly ‘leaks’ about who the winner is.

I don’t have a particular favorite left (microphone is gone) so would be happy for anyone to win. However, there is one mask singer that I am still not able to speculate and that is Mirror Ball. I thought it could be Samantha Jade but the tone of the voice in the show doesn’t really validate her style.

Mirrorball is Melody Thornton from Pussycat Dolls. She is the answer to the promo clue of someone selling over 50 milliion records. PCD’s have sold 55 million.

Yes I’m inclined to agree. I think Hugh was doing a Warlow impression for that song and it was obviously a darn good one.

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Have loved this series, and while I loved Dannii previously, this series the judges have been great.

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