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Interesting you say it’s “punchy”, I actually feel it is less rushed and more in depth. Perfect for that time slot.


This is how breaking news is done, reading it hot off the printer.


Ha! Nice piece of showmanship there :grinning:
Just a tad contrived… but it looked good.

Reading breaking news off wires? The 1960s want their breakthrough back.


It works though. This is easily one of the best commercial news bulletins on air. Hopefully it stays on.


It absolutely does… nothing like a bit of theatre


Found myself watching out of habit the last couple of nights. Pretty awesome for a commercial bulletin, and well paced for its later timeslot.

Nine News at 6 feels like blunt force trauma to the skull in comparison.


I take that you must’ve watched the Queensland bulletin right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: