The Latest


The latest used standing presentation for the Brexit Story last night. Looked quite good actually.


Not a fan to be honest, that screen looks so small because of the depth of the border and the faux wood doesn’t really suit any of the other production elements.


The screen in the performance area would be much better. The wooden outline just doesn’t fit a news presentation.


Anything remarkable this week?


Remarkable is the bulletin in general.

That is how a news bulletin should be produced. Watching tonight’s episode for the first time and it is a fantastic, informative bulletin, brilliantly produced and NOT sensationalised.

Nice job seven.


Love the relaxed style of Michael Usher. He’s been an absolute asset to Seven.

Bulletin also flows well and of course less tabloid news like the 6pm bulletin.


Does anyone know how the ratings are going with the Latest? Every time I watch the broadcast I get even more impressed.


I posted some numbers last week in the ratings articles:

Wednesday 139,000
Thursday 142,000

This week’s numbers have been slightly higher.

Last year’s numbers were over 200,000


caught some of this last night at the gym. whilst not normally my thing i’m pretty impressed with it


I think the show is struggling with the numbers it is getting. It’s hard to find anything positive.

One point is that in Brisbane, where it usually starts one hour earlier at 9:30pm, the numbers are, if anything, worse, suggesting that viewers do not want ‘late news’ at that time.


…but not too late please… I think 10pm would be perfect.


Really? I thought those numbers posted were pretty good for a national bulletin at 10.30pm.
What does Seven usually get in that time slot over summer?




Seven’s whole schedule is down compared with December though, isn’t it?

I think the more significant measure is retention and 40-50% doesn’t seem bad at all.


In the past, Seven has had Tennis in that time slot. The timeslot is for 10:30 Syndey and Melbourne but includes 9.30 in Brisbane and 10.00 in Adelaide and is rating below repeats of NCIS:LA and Land and Order: SVU on Ten.


But would be much cheaper than buying those shoes from the US right?


Guessing you mean shows :smile:

Perhaps someone else with more knowledge can answer but it’s hard to make a direct comparison. The live news is a one off but the US dramas are usually repeated a few times including on multichannels.


From what’s been posted and not knowing what 10.30 shows are doing on Nine and 10 and not knowing demos, costs etc it’s almost impossible to draw a conclusion on The Latest


Blake Johnson announces at the end of tonight’s Melbourne news, that The Latest would be on this evening?


The Latest is not on tonight. Blake must not have seen tonight’s TV listings.