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Yeah that’s what I put it down to originally but it seems more than that. It seems very quick or when they’re already explaining something interesting he’ll interrupt to ask something unnecessary which just breaks the flow. I haven’t seen Usher on this type of thing before do I don’t know if it is something he just can’t handle, which is fine. Everybody has different strengths and talents and he has enough career cred to be a good journalist but this might simply be not his thing.


To be fair, Jess was struggling in the live cross last night.

But I do agree Michael shouldn’t be interrupting all the time. I am at the point where I am betting when he will interrupt next.


Seems there was trouble at St Kilda beach again yesterday evening with a far right group provoking African Australians. Meanwhile The Latest was stationed at a pitch black Chelsea beach for their live cross where there had been trouble the previous day with no mention of what had happened at St Kilda just hours earlier.

Yep, developing, breaking, following, latest, up to the minute etc etc.



I hate pointless live crosses.

All Australian networks seem to do them; “I’m standing here at court where nothing is actually happening… but 8 hours ago…”

Live crosses are an invaluable tool when they serve a purpose… the audience just isn’t that stupid.


I agree that many live crosses are pointless, but they’re probably being done for psychological reasons (research finding that viewers find live crosses to feel more “happening now” compared to a pre-packaged report, etc.) because every network is doing them these days, even the ABC and SBS to some extent.


That’s exactly the reason they’re done… the 2 most powerful words in news are “live” and “now” just as many years ago “via satellite” was a big deal for the audience.

I just don’t think the audience is that stupid, they know when a live cross is actually adding something and when it’s window dressing.

For some bizarre reason some networks still insist on faking live crosses. Amazing how a correspondent can appear “live” on a network’s Sydney and Melbourne bulletins. Again the audience is more sophisticated than that.


I’ve seen absolutely no promotion for The Latest tonight… No updates, nothing.


Just like last Saturday.

Wait, why hasn’t it started yet?

The news was on bang on 6pm. And I’m assuming the movie started right on 7pm. What am I missing? Did they switch back to the Cricket at 7pm on the main channel or something?


Cricket finished at 6:30pm eastern.

There’s no excuse for tonight’s bulletin not beginning at 10:30pm (ie; the time listed in the EPG). I can understand it being late when it follows the Big Bash but not when taped programming precedes it


Yeah, I don’t understand. They would know how long the The Sound of Music goes for. It’s only been around for like 60 years. How very strange.

Like it’s nearly 20 minutes past scheduled time…


20 minutes of extra ads. :wink:


They really don’t like the Saturday edition, do they?


There was an update presented by Musher during The Sound of Music.


We have had numerous promos in Perth tonight about the Latest.


They showed the plasma screen during the closer last night:


Wonderful sounding piano based/slow version of the theme at the end of the bulletin tonight, with sad stories shown.



Some caps of NYE coverage tonight:


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