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Didn’t see that while watching it last night so checked out the bulletin again, the exclusion of Canberra is quite poor. They had room on the graphic to put it in as well.


Absolutely no reason why they can’t give Michael a Friday or Saturday night off from The Latest. By not, it makes me think that they will drop this (temporarily) after the cricket and, at the moment, they are trying to accentuate it is The Latest with Michael Usher.


Tonight’s bulletin started at 10.18pm AEDT due to early finish to the BBL match at the SCG (Melbourne Stars beat Sydney Sixers fairly easily). At the start of the bulletin Michael did a live cross to Tony Auden in Brisbane for the latest in the heatwave and general weather around the country.


Are Perth getting this bulletin 3 hours later?


Yep we are


This bulletin continues to impress.
I was never a huge fan of Michael Usher but this format really suits him.
I love the informal approach yet in-depth stories and interviews.


More than 3 hours later sometimes, last night it aired around 11:00pm in Perth.

It should be called Seven’s Late News in Perth as sometimes the local 7 news & ABC News are going out live after The Latest went to air on the east coast


Does it really matter? It’s the name of the show, The Latest, not necessarily Seven’s Latest News.


No need to have a separate brand for WA, it should just be called “Seven Late News” in all markets IMO!

Although either way, I still have my doubts that this program will last beyond the duration of the cricket season. Sure, a later evening news bulletin might get a decent enough audience during the warmer months of the year but is that going to be the case in June or July when there’s typically single digit (or below) temperatures at 10.30pm-ish in most parts of Australia?


Doesn’t seem to phase ABC Late News and SBS Late News.

Maybe they are aware of it and want to bring numbers to the late slots?

Having it on might get people watching and up their share for the nights.


Comparing what Seven and the ABC/SBS do with news (and indeed how they operate their entire network) is like comparing apples and oranges.

Again, it probably should be said that I’m not entirely against the idea of late news on commercial TV but so far remain unconvinced about “The Latest” being a long term project for Seven.


I reckon the Weekend Editions of The Latest won’t last long.


As previously stated, Seven are trying to gain traction with the weekend edition. I agree, I don’t think it will last, but if so, Seven may need to get a second presenter to fill in.

If The Latest continues next year, Seven will need to start looking for a new weekend presenter in Sydney.


I would go with Melissa Doyle or Angela Cox.

That is not needed. You just rearrange Mark Ferguson’s 6pm days to suit.


Angela Cox would be more likely to be a possible second presenter than Melissa Doyle.


Wow… I’m impressed… Jessica Ridley was reporting on Sydney Hobart from Early News, Sunrise, 6pm news and now a live cross on The Latest.

Extraordinary effort from her. Disappointing that Michael Usher keeps interrupting her. Gosh he’s frustrating.


Why couldn’t someone else just do The Latest on Sunday and Monday and Michael Usher could work Tuesday to Saturday on The Latest and still do Fri/Sat 6pm…


This. This is why I can’t watch. I don’t understand why he keeps interrupting everyone. It’s infuriating.


I was just coming on to write the same thing!

I really like the idea of The Latest and I like Michael Usher but I’m so sick of him interrupting everyone, trying to wrap them up all the time, constantly looking away as though he’s trying to rush through things. It’s a really good feel for a bulletin but that one thing is really getting on my goat!


You can’t really blame Usher. He has an earpiece and the Director tells him to wrap it up along with the Floor Manager making the signal. He has to follow the directions of the Director.