The Hotplate

The Australian Financial Review reports the series has been killed by Channel 9.


Some sanity finally prevails.

Fantastic news!

Now, for Seven to axe MKR…


Don’t hold your breath. Not going to happen to the number one show in Australia


after watching it with my family for the past few weeks all I can say is, I’m with @SydneyCityTV - it’s rubbish. Why people watch it is beyond me.

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I should have read that original article. So, Seven made Nine agree not to produce any further episodes of The Hot Plate. Seven and Nine both lodged a mutually-agreed settlement in the Federal Court on Friday. Nine has also agreed not to rebroadcast or distribute its first series.

Well, that’s unfortunate. It wasn’t a great show but it was watchable and it soothed the withdrawal symptoms following the end of Masterchef somewhat. It looks like this year it will have to be cold turkey instead.