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Its nothing new as its been happening for years now, even Sky Sports F1 do it during the race.



Better than other motorsports where it’s often broadcast live. One of the issues with a world feed, none of the commentators will get prompted by the director that a team radio clip is a few seconds away.



This coverage was alright. If you have fox and Kayo, you can watch the coverage with no ad breaks race to race. Roz did a good job, Scott mackinnon in his first year of Motorsport - a B+.
Oh by the way, a good win for Valterri Bottas In the australian Grand Prix by more than 20 from teammate Lewis Hamilton.



I found Matt White to be a horrendous as a commentator, really annoyed by the constant mispronounciation.
Think their coverage was cheap but no different to any other Network covering live sport these days, full of cross promos.

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Did anyone get caps?



You didn’t go though Alan Jones on Nine with “Cool-tard” (Coulthard), “Rake-on-nen” (Raikkonen) and “Barry-cello” (Barrichello).



10 also employ Jones…
Not sure it would be overly hard to employ someone who could be bothered to actually correctly pronounce drivers’ names.

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The at-track coverage (AusGPTV) had Greg Rust and Louise Goodman (former paddock reporter for ITV when they had the F1) among others. Why couldn’t 10 get them?



The same reason why Foxtel has adverts on all commercial stations, it’s business looking for revenue.



Former host Matt White remains 10 head of sport, in addition to hosting RPM weekly. He will also be on screen covering the Rugby World Cup and Melbourne Cup Carnival. He anchored 10’s weekend coverage of the Australian Grand Prix and will also remain involved with 10’s coverage of Supercars.

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Having lifted the time-certain embargo, Seamer now hopes to persuade Channel 10 to switch races that are go beyond the 6 pm AEDT or AEST marks from the main channel to 10 Bold, for example.

“That would be ideal,” he said.

However, the impact on FTA broadcasts for the rest of the year will only be at Darwin, Townsville, Bathurst, Gold Coast and Sandown, which are the only events Channel 10 will be showing live.

I happened to notice that someone hasn’t proof read their work, before publishing it. First of all, where is Newcastle (the finale), and second of all did someone forget that 10 doesn’t have the rights to broadcast Darwin. Only highlights.



No A-League on 10 Bold this Saturday. I think the competition is on an international break.

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RPM coming from the new Sydney set this weekend.



The set looks SLICK with those graphics and colours!



Such a versatile set. It’s really working well.



The Nine newspapers are reporting that Ten wants to become the ‘long-term’ FTA home of the A-League by making a ‘major’ bid for secure those rights from next season. They want to broadcast as many games as possible and they could eventually challenge Fox Sports’ position as the competition’s major broadcaster



And the FFA probably needs them more than anyone else if they want to increase the profile of such a niche sport here in Australia. Fox is killing them.



I agree.

Sure it’s not quite at the same level as the AFL or NRL, but it’d still be in Ten’s best interest to get a better rights deal for the A League. We all saw how the BBL grew from virtually nothing into a mainstream sport over five years of Ten coverage, so what’s to say that it’d be impossible to do something similar with the A League if it was promoted/marketed correctly?



They need to get exclusive games. Sure simulcast with Fox on some games but a certain number of games (e.g. Friday night/Saturday night) and the Finals series exclusive.

Anything other than that and A-League won’t have a hope in hell to build.



I do hope that Ten get a better deal with the A-League. They need more games, with some exclusive A-League games. And then promote their exclusive games.

They current deal, with showing Fox Sports Saturday night game is a flop. Sure, I am watching the game now over on 10Bold, but since it is pretty much a 3-hour ad for Fox Sport, Ten has shown no promotion to this game, and ratings have been dreadful.