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I would’ve thought they would be sending Nathan Sharpe over for it. With Matt White or Scott Mackinnon hosting with Matt Burke


It mentions what 10 will show for their World Cup.


From the article:

“Network 10 have the rights to two quarter-final matches, a semi-final, the final, as well as the third versus fourth play-off and the opening match of the tournament between hosts Japan and Russia in Tokyo.”


This is how the official RWC website covers the Australian TV rights.


Herald Sun reports today Kate Peck will be part of 10’s coverage of Melbourne Cup Carnival later this year, in addition to her on-screen role on RPM and this weekend’s Australian Formula One Grand Prix.




Kate everywhere.

I sure hope there will be some new faces though. Tired of the same people over an over again.



I dont see 7 putting Jo Griggs on every program.
I dont see 9 putting Eddie on MAFS.


Roz Kelly is co-hosting alongside Matty White for the Rolex Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix.


I’d like to see them just use a 10 Sport watermark for coverage rather than 10 Bold tbh.


The 3pm Tue replay of Super Rugby Wrap hosted by Lou Ransome has disappeared and popped up Thu 8.30am. I guess it pairs up with Sports Tonight. More pointless scheduling changes.


Please don’t give them that idea…

As for the F1 this weekend, in the limited time I saw Practice 1 I noted they sounded like 10 were using their own commentary (Webber was commenting on how Robert Kubica was practicing pit entry procedures). Will they have their own commentators for the race (which they did before when they were sole rights holders) or go with a World Feed like I’m sure Fox are doing?


They’ll use their own comms like they have previously.
The Sky feed isn’t a World feed.


Why is ten promoting Stan series of Billions on their formula one coverage. It was like an advertorial. Obviously Nine have paid for Stan to be promoted but you’d think ten would be trying to promote All Access. Very strange.


Money talks :man_shrugging:t3:


F1 only provides the pictures and graphics, each broadcaster provides its own commentators.


Yeah, so exactly like I said, Sky isn’t providing the World Feed…


Overall thoughts on 10’s F1 Coverage?


For the most part, pretty good. I thought Roz did alright with hosting as well, better than the BBL.


I only saw the race after listening to NBL Grand Final on ABC Radio, but Ten’s coverage was pretty good. Mark Webber’s prompts for team radio was a bit annoying though. I know F1 organisers set the rule that commentary must pause whenever a radio clip between driver and team boss is played on air, but there has to be a better way to let viewers know the clip is on.