Ten Sport


Looks good.


now that is a desk, not that round desk they used last year.


Probably just a temporary set as the show is coming out of Melbourne today with the possible works happening in Pyrmont.

Also interesting that they’re going back to a panel style show, it’s certainly gone through a few formats and sets in the last few years it’s been back on our screens.


Michael Caruso and Garth Tander have joined the 10 Motorsport team this year to appear as regular panelists on RPM, after both drivers failed to secure full time drivers in this years Supercars championship.

After Supercars dropped Russell Ingall from their Fox Sports coverage, I think 10 would do well to pick him up for this year and beyond to replace Mark Larkham who moved to Fox Sports for their Supercars coverage and contributor to RPM - he’s very popular with the fans.

For the life of me however I can’t see the appeal in Kate Peck being on the show, maybe as just a roving reporter for the odd segment however she just seems so out of her depth most of the time and doesn’t contribute anything meaningful to the discussion. There would have to be a better person with more knowledge about the sport and presenting ability that 10 could pick up to balance out the panel and add some diversity.




Looks like Ten will get the scraps from Fox Sports of the 2019 Rugby World Cup. A far cry from their last Rugby World Cup coverage from 2007 where they had around half the group games exclusively live plus all finals.

So much for that CBS money.


it is just the Wallabies’ games and little else


I was going to say the same… CBS… lol. Or are they saving money for the sports like Supercars… highly doubtful.


Rugby is dead in Australia - why would they waste cash.


Or perhaps - just perhaps - this is all leftover deals from their almost integration with Fox.


A leftover from what? It’s a new rights deal with IMG, isn’t it?


I think that according to the Anti-Siphoning Laws, every Wallabies game must be shown on Free-to-air television. This includes all Finals matches.


Of course, it also has to be pointed out that the 2017 World Cup was for Rugby League (which last I checked is considerably more popular than rugby union, even in NSW & QLD) and was held in Australia.


My apologies. I forgot about that. Is this year’s World Cup League or Union?


Rugby Union in Japan.

Meanwhile the Bledisloe Cup this year will have two matches. One at Optus Stadium and the other one at Wellington (IIRC) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Alright I’m going to bite my tongue and say that it’s probably a give or take event. Still I reckon it was a missed opportunity as 10 could’ve built that event.


I don’t think anyone can look at the 300-400k that Wallabies games are getting on Ten and think it’s worth getting exclusive rights to the tournament. Getting simulcast rights for the Wallabies games and finals - which I’d assume is likely, will get them 75% of the ratings for a fraction of the cost of exclusivity.

Those games probably will do well enough for Ten - it’s worth them getting the simulcast rights - just going all in on an exclusive deal for the Rugby World Cup doesn’t make sense.


People can possibly stream the RWC2019 on 10Play and it will surely count towards VPM.


Kayo will stream every matches with coverage from Fox Sports


Until/Unless the Wallabies become a regular World Cup contender, then airing the tournament on Fox is a perfect solution.

Australians back winners (look how long the country was obsessed with swimming cos the medals kept rolling in), you just have to look back to 2003 and the tournament on home soil (even though the Wallabies lost the final).