Ten Sport


From what I understand they’ve over paid for these rights, leading to Seven walking away.


They wouldn’t have got the rights if they didn’t think it would be a lure for advertisers. I imagine there’ll be brands wanting to be associated with live sport as there always is. I question how many people will watch outside of the major race.


The terrible Super Rugby deal returns this week.
Delayed match 8am Sundays and Super Rugby time airs Monday’s 11.30pm, Tuesday’s 8am and 3pm.


It sucks that they are playing the Friday night game between the Brumbies and the Rebels on Sunday morning, when in fact they should be airing Saturday night games on replay.

I liked it how a few years back they aired the highlight package after Formula 1 at 10.30pm or 11pm. Rather than this after 11.30pm time slot.


Ten have updated the Formula 1 and Supercars listings for the 2019 season.

Adelaide 500 on the Friday will be shown on Bold rather than being on the main channel, compared to previous years.

Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix will only be shown for 23.5 hours across three days.


And this is the line up that Ten will be using;

Mark joins TEN Sport’s Matt White and Adam Gilchrist, former F1 World Champion Alan Jones, on set with Mark Howard, James Allen and Tom Clarkson to bring fans all the news from inside the F1 Paddock.

So is Gilchrist and Howard still at ten or are they are Fox? Would have thought fox would be using Mark Howard.


They are both at Fox, one would think they would be using Scott Mackinnon as a part of their broadcast, as he contributed towards the back end of the season.


The F1 is now in the 10.30pm slot. I guess 15 year old SVU rates ok, why mess with it?


This has to do with the time change in Europe - the races now start 1 hour later; as was the case last year.


Tim Gossage and Tim Webster too. It was a pretty good team, I hope they get back Webster for this.


Guessing that info hasn’t been updated since last year


At last check he was looking rather old and frail, is he still doing radio? I think he’s almost certainly retired from TV these days.

IIRC his last proper work on TV was filling-in for Bill Woods on 10’s Sydney 5pm News around mid-2012? Just before that he’d been doing the finance presenter gig on the Early News with no less than Ron Wilson (what a joke putting two stalwarts on at 6am). The bulletin was axed a short time after I bekieve.


He’s returned to radio as of yesterday on 2CH in Sydney.


Cancer does that. I was never much of a fan, something about his delivery never sat well with me.


They’re showing an hour highlights package…
When it was at 9.30 the highlights didn’t rate either.
And, actually, the European races are starting 70 mins later than they did in 2017 given the move from the top of the hour to 10 mins past. All other races have at least moved 10 mins from 2017.


He had been doing weekends for MSR since its’ inception.


Didn’t Tim Webster actually officially retire/resign from full time TV way back like 11 years ago (2007/2008)? When he left his long time sport presenting role on 10’s Sydney 5pm News where Brad McEwan (who’d already come from Brisbane for the revamped Sports Tonight) took over.

Though Webster remained around for a further 4 years filling-in across the network, usually Friday Late News and Weekend News.


has anyone got any caps of the Super Rugby Wrap over on 10Bold?