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Optus is a joke after the World Cup debacle (They’ve since lost Champions League rights to Bein and didn’t factor at all into the Cricket). Netflix aren’t willing to shell out for live sports production crews so they’re still unlikely.

Amazon is the most likely SVOD outside of 10 A/A, they secured one third of EPL rights.


Exactly, it’s not just a TEN issue, but if 7/9/10 want to stay in the game within 5-10 years, they’re going to have to work together on the next sports rights to keep their platform alive.


Wrong, beIN Sports lost the UEFA Champions League rights to Optus in Australia.



Setup a joint venture company owned by 7/9/10 that bid on sports rights jointly and exclusively. ie. No simulcast on Foxtel. Call it “Freeview Sports” for the sake of argument.
Then broadcast 3 HD channels with common branding (but no network branding linking it to 7/9/10):

  • Freeview Sports 401
  • Freeview Sports 402
  • Freeview Sports 403

Should be able to fit one per network multiplex in most markets. Share the load between the networks in terms of broadcast. Playout would be centralised out of the new 7/9 playout centre.

Also offer a streaming service, free for SD with ads. $10 per month for HD streams and less ads.

In-sport network promos would be a mix of 7/9/10 promos. Depending on who is stumping up the most money to fund the joint venture I guess. Let them fight that out.

Commentators, hosts and presenters will be exclusively employed by “Freeview Sports”. But then networks would cross promote the “Freeview Sports” brand within their news programming for example:
“Now it’s time for Sport on 7 News presented by Freeview Sports with Tim Watson.”

Big losers would be the SBS and ABC. Hardly see them having the cash to stump up money for the joint venture.

Would this work? Could it work in future?


Interesting proposal there, a bit of thought has obviously gone into this.

I can’t help but think though that the networks will be too stubborn to do anything collaboratively and will try and use their own BVOD / SVOD services to add value to any sports broadcasts and charge viewers for premium content to help justify the prices of bidding on the rights to these sports.


Sounds like colluding to de-value the cost of broadcast rights. Sports governing bodies would tell them to get stuffed and rightly so.


That’s quite a good plan. I reckon it would work if the three networks were able to put aside their rivalry and target Fox.


Any idea why 10 are covering this game tonight? Wasn’t originally part of their agreement, when I looked at Tenplay the other day it wasn’t listed either. Only thing I can think of is they have 26 Sat 7.50pm games over 27 rounds this season as opposed to the 28 they had last season.


ripper idea but the three networks would never come to the party…


Interesting idea.

My post here has a link which details how the ABC bid with networks in the past to lower costs of test cricket and Olympic broadcasts.


Ten will be a major player in the FTA NFL rights up for grabs this season.


I think they’re going to be forced to work together. All three need to somehow work together to protect their platform.


They’ll probably get it if they want it, as Seven are stretched very thin and could do with the cost saving, but it’s hardly what will set them on a path back to high ratings


I don’t know about that, the 3am Monday timeslot on a multichannel is a lucrative slot to fill…




Serious question, since 10 has the Melbourne Cup rights this year…

Who used to be the main caller and commentators for 10 back in the 1990s? I recall Peter Donegan was one, but forgot the others (even though I believe most of them are expert horse-racing commentators, I’m not a horse-racing fan so am not too sure).


Dan Mielicki was the main caller of Melbourne Cup for Ten in the 1990s.


Bruce McAvaney called the Cup from 1985 to 1989


Certainly it was Dan Mielicki from 1990 until they lost the rights in 2001.