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A very wet night was forecasted in Brisbane. There is a 90% chance of rain with thunderstorms


Interesting ten doing their own hosting for this and not usual complete relay of fox sports coverage. Do they normally host their own coverage of socceroos?

Caty Price very awkward and clumsy.


This is the first time 10 hosts its own coverage of Socceroos. Looks like it’s the same set as 10’s MotoGP coverage.
That HD watermark is massive. It should be on the right of 10 logo like before instead of below the logo.


Who has the free to air rights for the Asian cup? Last time it was on the ABC and it did reasonably well. Would ten be interested in broadcasting the major games of that tournament?


It’s coming from Sydney, the screens are the same ones used for The Sunday Project.


Channel 10 microphone was refreshed.


The HD part is very pale and barely noticeable against grass. This is one of the more transparent sport watermarks currently in use.


The mic’s should’ve been branded as 10 Sport, looks very bare without anything on there.


Emphasis in the introductory remarks about the coverage being on 10 HD / in HD.


Cmon if you are tuning into ch13 its HD. Why do you need a watermark to emphasise its HD


Cary promoting that they’re ad break free during play.


No network has the FTA rights yet. Fox Sports has the pay TV rights.


Where is? Is it timezone friendly?


The 2019 Asian Cup will be held in United Arab Emirates from January 5 to February 1. UAE time is seven hours behind AEDT so it’s not timezone friendly. The Socceroos’ group games against Jordan and Palestine kick off at 3pm UAE time (10pm AEDT) while the final group game against Syria kicks off at 5.30pm UAE time (12.30am AEDT).


It would be great to see 10 pick up the FTA rights for the Asian Cup. 10 needs more sport.


Wouldn’t surprise me if 10 or SBS get the FTA rights.


Are you sure?
It looks like a Melbourne set up


its timezone friendly for us here in Western Australia, as they aren’t even that reasonably late at all. Brisbane maybe as well for the first couple of the Asian Cup.

10 should get them, it could prove a ratings winner, and be the home of the Socceroos. Rather than showing a odd friendly here and there.


Good for WA. But not for everywhere else.