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Racecaller database Melbourne Cup

80s to 88 Bruce McAvaney Ten
1989-2001 Dan Miliecki Ten
2002 Wayne Wilson Seven
2003-2016 Greg Miles Seven
2017 to present Matt Hill Seven


And Clem Disney before Bruce who took over in 1985.


Is it too early to say what Ten’s Melbourne Cup coverage will be like in 2019? Given there are 10 races during the day, will the last two races have to be shown on 10Boss in Sydney and Melbourne while they go to the 5pm news?


They could still show it on the main channel by bumping the news to 5.30 and then go straight to The Project afterwards. Most less likely option would be from Ten to extend the coverage to later in the day


The point is the times in Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth. Traditionally, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth do not have daylight savings while South Australia is 30 mins behind Victoria. So in South Australia, the news will stay at 5PM (where it is) as a one-hour bulletin, and keep the 6:30Pm as The Project time slot.
For Brisbane Viewers - the race will finish at 4:30PM. Normally, Bold and Beautiful airs at 4:30PM weekdays but in Brisbane, they might put in some alternate repeats of cooking shows.
Perth viewers have race finishing at 2:30PM. Something needs to be put in during the 2:30pm timeslot. Judge Judy will stay at 3PM where it is, but for 3:30-4:30pm needs some shows to air during the time slot.


When they last held the rights the last race was about 4:45 and the first around 10:00. Could just revert to something similar.


Move the Melbourne Cup to 6pm. That will solve their 6pm woes for at least one night.


Well yeah obviously. Whatever is currently wairing at the 3.30-4.30pm air in the time slot for Perth. From 2.30pm on Melbourne cup Day in Perth, they can even put Neighbours in that slot like they do now, not really a huge drama of scheduling conflict as you seem to be making out to be. :slight_smile:

It would just be normal scheduling per usual when Melbourne cup finishes at 2.30 here in Perth.

Just saying.



FYI @mods, might want to update this thread to 10 Sport.


Stylistically, we are sticking with the letter written out as a word as we do for Seven and Nine who have used their respective numerals for much longer. :blush:


Caty Price will host Ten’s coverage for both friendlies, with expert commentary from Socceroo greats Archie Thompson and Luke Wilkshire. Ten’s press release says both matches will be shown live and in HD, which is incorrect as 10Boss is SD.


I would’ve thought that they would’ve gotten WIN’s sports presenter Amy Duggan to host it


Why’s that?


because Amy Duggan is a former Matilda’s player and who would know a lot about football (soccer). She is also on the Fox Football team.


But she doesn’t work for ten … therefore your musings are somewhat bizarre. :man_shrugging:


I don’t think 10 will be able to dictate the race times. They are scheduled to maximise betting turnover.


Yes that’s true, but that arrangement was the situation when Ten last had the rights. One could also argue their news brand was stronger then than it is now.


The TAB and Sky Channel (who set the majority of the times because racing is usually Sydney centric, even on Melbourne Cup Day for race times) wouldn’t give two hoots about a FTA Network news service.


I’m only relaying information from what occurred last time Ten had the rights. At the time I was working for the VRC, not that broadcast rights were my domain but at that time it was a very tight knit workplace with lots f information shared.

Did Ten lose the rights in '01? That was the first year for several where the last race was run after 5pm, there was a sense of relief that the early finish to our premier racedays was able to be on a pat with our usual and the other metro Melbourne clubs racedays. I was in the catering management team, we were excited because we’d sell more grog.