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this is the second time TEN Sport have done this during the Supercars TV rights deal. Whereby they just cut off half an hour before the program suppose to end. First was at Clipsal 500, now known as Adelaide 500 and now Gold Coast 600. Both were affected by rain and red flags as well.

Did Seven do this during their 2007-2014 TV rights deal?


Has happened for decades across all sports and and networks. Better than having them pad out crap until the next programme. It’s not like they had much of a highlights package from today either.


there is stuff they should have shown in the last half an hour of the broadcast. For example, how it will affect the championship, the winners/podium getters of the Pirtek Enduro cup.


Were they held? If so, then sure, perhaps they should have stuck around.


I think they were starting to have issues at the track with regards to power, and with hardly anybody at the track any presentation would probably have been made indoors in front of team personnel and nobody else.


there was also a large amount of water in parts of the track that no doubt cables would have been running though. it would have been an OH&S thing as much as a programming thing to shut down early and start packup ASAP


Just saw a ‘Super Saturday of Sport’ promo leading out of the news for the Moto GP / Rugby Union this weekend voiced by Matt White.

The texture added to the text and colour was hideous, good to see them promoting sport though.



These bold fonts are too big and intrusive


I don’t want to see TEN lose the rights to broadcast MotoGP. They should increase their coverage rather than the usual main race on the Sunday, with additional coverage at the Island. Like show all 3 classes or even just the MotoGP sessions


A different scoreboard from the usual Ten graphics.


Easier said than done. They will need to wait till the next contract negotiations and even then they might not even get the full package since Fox is still so determined to rip out Ten after losing them.


They are the graphics the host broadcaster uses for Sunwolves’ Super Rugby Games.


Matt White and Matt Burke were in the Ten studios analysing rugby at half time. I believe that they are in Sydney studios.


Then it should’ve started already and close to being done, as both TEN and Fox have got only this year left on their contract. We will just have to wait and see if they put it on the list at the upfronts.


Scott McKinnon was in Yokohama and doing sideline commentary while Gordon bray was inside The ten studios commentating the game. I don’t get it why they have commentary in the ten studios.


To save money flying commentators overseas.


Plus if they fly a crew overseas they need to hire a broadcast truck as well.


Broadcasters do it all the time. Esp with cricket…world feeds are sent to other countries and commentated from their respected countries.


And that scoreboard would be from the host broadcaster.