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Nothing received re the A League coverage.


I saw a promo for A-League on Sunday on Ten, the Melbourne derby (Victory v City) for October 20.


Potentially TEN could make a play at the NHL with FOX Sports losing the Australian TV Rights. They could air regular season games on One and play the Stanley Cup Finals on the main channel in the morning.


That would just push Studio 10 viewers to Seven and Nine, with very few people tuning in to watch the ice hockey on Ten. If they bought it it should all stay on One/10Boss.


I’m sure the 2 viewers that will attract will be interested in that rights deal.


Ten missed out on the three sports that matter to Australians (plus the Olympics).

Having minor sports (like NHL as suggested) as a commercial FTA only really works when you can incorporate it as part of your whole portfolio and it works as an ecosystem. Plus you can throw a lot of bonus spots for sports advertisers.

The Melbourne Cup is a start, but only a start.


Isn’t that the type of strategy Network Ten pursued when One was a sports channel. Buy lots of niche sports to fill the schedule, and wait it out until it could acquire some exclusive big time sports.


It had the AFL as it’s main tent-pole well beforehand, plus plenty of solid mid-tier offerings like Formula One and Golf. It also snapped up the NFL before One launched as well.


True. True. But due to broadcasting rules at the time, the AFL had to be screened on Ten as well.

So, apart from prime time Asian F1, it didn’t have anything that would rate during the evening, hence it had woeful shares.

I loved the idea, but sadly it was ahead of its time …


Spot on.

I want Ten to thrive in Summer (and in general) without Big Bash (or any sports) but in general their sports brand is tarnished without any big rights (until Melbourne Cup next year) to anything. I can only wish them the best of luck in bidding for some of the bigger sports when the rights are available. Until then, Ten’s only hope of rating as a commercial network is a decent entertainment output over Summer.


You mean rugby? Because there’s is No Broadcaster for the 2019 RWC. Look I think that ten and Fox might finalise a broadcasting rights deal. The Australian rugby Union needs to announce a new broadcasting deal for 2020 and beyond.


For a moderately appealing sport Ten should grab it to make it relevant (when it’s time of course) and leave Fox out of it.


Rugby Australia has bigger fish to fry (like winning games) than worrying about the broadcast deal for 2020 yet.


To make sure that people don’t think I’m circle-jerking around, I want to make my point clear. Although Ten has lost the rights to Big Bash (or any sports), there is a silver lining to this because:

  1. They will be able to invest in some decent entertainment over Summer that could be a good alternative to sports
  2. They will be able to save up money for the next round of cricket after 2023/2024, which will hopefully mean that Ten will grab everything from Fox/Seven

So overall, I do want Ten to strive any time, including Summer, but ATM they’re stuck in a hell hole which is going to take a long time to get out of, simply because they don’t have a major sport in their portfolio (other than Melbourne Cup).



And it will have extra money to bid for the AFL rights for 2023-2028 (full or partial rights).


NRL too. Nine’s had it for too long and Ten would be wise to bid for both.


That Matt white interview is just corporate speak when you’re not really saying much at all.


He’s talking to admen and women. They’ll lap that shit up.


Unconvinced this is right. Money doesn’t hang around for 5 years just because you didn’t spent it at the time.