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2018: The Year in Review

Once again last night’s BBL game was a one-sided affair with an early finish to the match and the telecast on Ten. The Sydney Thunder remain undefeated as a result of beating Adelaide. Hopefully tonight’s match between the Brisbane Heat and Hobart Hurricanes at the Gabba is a more competitive match.


Great match last night. Much closer than the previous few games. The Heat and Hurricanes matches always seem to go down to the wire no matter where they sit on the ladder.


Ten do a good job with the BBL especially with the poor summer series we have with the Windies. Does anyone know why Fox Sports never try to get simulcast rights with cricket like AFL and now NRL?


Perhaps because Cricket Australia wants each tournament to be shown live on one network only?


Yep. Cricket Australia wanted to maximise the viewers and wanted to have all their games on free to air cause they saw a big drop off in numbers at the venues/watching cricket and playing crickey when it was joint with fox/nine. This was also done to put a dent into soccer, which this summer, even as bad as the last two test have been has still grown more than soccer.


Ok I see thanks guys.


Settling down to watch the WBBL, but dismayed to find Andrew Maher is the main commentator, and he’s listed for the other games as well. :angry: Sorry, but I just can’t stand listening to him.


He was announced over a month ago that he was going to be the main commentator. I compare him to some others over at Nine.


Trust me he’s a lot worse than what 9 have to offer, and some of 9’s personnel shouldn’t be allowed near the mic.


I would’ve thought as it’s Women’s BBL, the lead commentator would be a female?


Yes that would make sense c’mon Ten.


It doesn’t always have to be a female as a lead commentator as men can do it too. Lachy Reid may have been the lead commentator, alongside Sue Gaudion in the ANZ Champs this year on Ten for West Coast Fever home games


Cricket isn’t supposed to have lead commentators.

Andy Maher is a disgrace.


No, but on this it should be IMO.:wink:

[quote=“Sifon, post:14, topic:378, full:true”]
Cricket isn’t supposed to have lead commentators.

Andy Maher is a disgrace.[/quote]True, but mostly it does though. And yes, Andy Maher is terrible. No idea why he’s still around! :thinking:


What’s even worse is that he’s the only main commentator. There’s no swapping with someone else after 30 minutes or whatever, as happens with every other televised cricket game I can remember. He and the same two former cricketers did the entire game.


um, the Big Bash is a 3 hour telecast as opposed to 8 hours for “every other televised cricket game.” Therefore, the breaks aren’t required.


Im pretty sure for twenty20 games they do swap overs.


you mean rotations? It only happens when there is more than 3 commentating.


Two former cricketers? Its only 1 former cricketer as Mel Jones doesn’t play anymore however Lisa still does.