Ten Pilot Week 2018

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Well there goes Australian TV. RIP.



Judging by this it seems Ten are definitely going back to targeting the younger audiences and being bold (not that this show is bold, it’s stupid) and controversial.



Why not bring back Big Brother then? I would say that was the show that brought about the reality show craze in Australia



Kyle’s attitude regarding the pickup is disgraceful but unsurprising. He is so ungreatful and can’t see his success has prevented other Australian talent, probably more deserving of a show, from getting an opportunity. Vile man.



Dude, it’s his schtick, it’s to get attention.



I don’t care what it is and his carry on has never made me curious in the slightest to watch his shows, nor does he make me feel compelled to watch. He’s great at radio, I give him that. But he has never resonated with tv audiences and never will. Ten are fools.

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They filmed more than one episode. IT was always going to go ahead but they used pilot week as a cover.



Totally agree. There are so many out there that would love to front their own show and to see this sort of response is just disgraceful and shows a lack of respect.



Ten can’t complain when people question their credentials on the treatment of women, when they make decisions like this. Look at Kyle’s track record. Does he sound like the sort of person a progressive media company would go out of their way to employ in the #MeToo era?

For those who aren’t aware some of the comments include:

  • telling a critic “You’re a bullshit artist girl”, calling her “Some fat slag” and saying “You haven’t got that much titty to be wearing that low cut a blouse. Watch your mouth, girl, or I will hunt you down”

  • saying Magda Szubanski would lose more weight in a “in a concentration camp”

  • telling Media Week after a gay newsreader complained about his treatment that “Geoff’s an older gay man, easily offended.”

  • calling Australian Idol’s Ricki Lee Coulter a “bitch” in an interview with Media Week

  • called a pregnant journalist a "fat toad’’ and “fat lying mole”.

It is a disgrace and colleagues in the media should take Ten to task over it.



Is there similar outrage for Alan Jones and all the Sky News after dark people?

Not defending Kyle. I hate him as well and agree he shouldn’t be on air. But those extreme right wingers like Alan, Paul Murray, Credlin, Bolt, Rowan Dean should all be off the air as well.



Alan Jones’ treatment of women is disgraceful too but I can’t recall any of those other names speaking the way Kyle does about women.



The difference is that they are offering opinions. Unpalatable though they may sometimes be.

Vile Kyle spews nothing but bile. Personal attacks on those who don’t deserve it and who have no means of redress. Bullying, name calling and worse.

And he loves the attention he gets. Absolutely loves it. If there was a picture of narcassism in the dictionary…

Actually he and Alan Jones could fight for that. Best not to give either of them the air they crave so much.



I actually don’t mind Kyle on radio, his shows are always shit though. I checked out 10 mins of Trial by Kyle and it didn’t appeal to me, I struggle to see it gaining much of an audience.

I would be keen to see Ten pick up Dave and Bring Back Saturday Night though I’d rather see programming investment made into Friday or Sunday to make them solid before investing into Saturday.

Not saying I disagree with investment into Saturday content but I just feel that unless you have a solid schedule of programs on key anchor nights i.e. Sunday you shouldn’t be trying to sink $$ into Saturday when a movie will probably provide you the same share.



IMO they should’ve picked up:

  • Drunk History
  • Taboo
  • Kinne Tonight
  • Dave

Didn’t really like Saturday Night, Skit Happens, Disgrace. As for Trial by Kyle, the most honourable thing for him to do would be to f**k off from TV, radio, the lot.



Pretty sure they’ll pick up most if not all those pilot week shows. Because what else do they have?



I honestly don’t get this mentality.

No one is forcing you to watch him or listen to him. Just don’t. It’s really not that hard.



Maybe. But I should be able to express my opinions without being told off. Everyone’s been saying the same thing and I’m echoing it because I agree with them (from the bottom of my own heart).



Channel Ten are denying other talent the opportunities to succeed and rewarding his behaviour. The network says: "Network Ten is a company which has total belief and passion in its people, a company full of creative people who embrace our performance culture, drive innovation, accept accountability and embrace change. "

Kyle Sandilands has never been held accountable for his actions by the network, they’ve rewarded them and are unwilling to change their strategy of elevating him with shows that are far from innovative and don’t perform all that well. It’s a values issue really.



Yeah I don’t get why the networks keep giving Kyle chance of chance when anything he has done on TV has been a failure. I can see his show sinking into the 200k region next year and Ten regretting ever picking up Trial By Kyle. And given his comments about being too lazy to do the show I can even see him quitting on them before the season is even up.

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I’ve said my piece so won’t harp on any further. I hope Kinne is another show that gets picked up and look forward to 2020 Pilot Week including more women in leading roles and new Australian talent.