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As seen on Takeaway tonight


When I saw Chris on Takeaway tonight I thought how could she be at two places at once? With Hugh Riminton presenting the Perth edition, that would mean sports and weather would have to be presented live?
Also, how did Lachlan Kennedy find time to film the mock reports for Takeaway? He did enjoy doing the prank though.


Sport has local inserts for WA with re-recorded handovers between the presenters and Weather is fully localised for WA. So basically they weren’t going out of there way to re record much because they already do it


Hugh also presented updates tonight


The whole Perth bulletin is live.


Lachlan probably recorded them while on the road filing the reports that have been featuring on Studio10 recently.


Geez, condescending much? It’s called time management and planning. The producers would’ve sent a request to the newsroom, Lachie stuck his hand up and was given the time to make it happen.

Yeesh. I know you all want the show to be axed, but seriously.


I’ll pop in an order for a new logic board.


(11/3/2019) Chiara Zaffino is presenting in Perth tonight.


Thursday (14.03.2019) - Friday (15.03.2019): Pippa Sheehan is presenting Brisbane’s weather tonight.


Friday -

Sandra Sully presenting special bulletin at 10.45pm with the latest details from Christchurch.


Go Hugh.


On a separate note, I found Tim Bailey’s presentation to be completely acceptable tonight. Energetic, but serious.


Emma Lawrence presented sport this weekend.


Roz Kelly worked on Grand Prix coverage this weekend.


Monday -

Jennifer Keyte read the weather forecast in Melbourne tonight.