Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


She wouldn’t have been able to get back to Sydney tonight if she had been in the studio until 9pm.

Did she present the Western Edition last Sunday?


No, Chris Bath has been doing it.


I mean when they have been in Melbourne.


Chris Bath did it last week and yesterday for Perth viewers.


Caty did a great job. She is a very versatile presenter.



A wonderful tribute to a legend. I wonder if these nods to the past will continue as a theme - CBS HQ has several nods to the past in their main set.


Current 7 News Brisbane reporter Simon Love is joining the Melbourne newsroom as State Political Reporter next month.


Another good addition to the already strong Melbourne team.


whatever happened to Yasmin Paton, she hasn’t been on screen for 18 months.



Four days later and 10 Daily are still going on about a tweet? Move on.

10 should have saved some money and made Emma Lawrence the weekend sports presenter. Roz Kelly has been ordinary thus far.


Why wouldn’t they go on about it? It’s the no.3 trending story on the site. The headline/story is clearly written for hits.


The third trending story on the site which just happens to be about the managing editor of said site. It was relevant Monday/Tuesday perhaps but not 4 days later.


More recruiting at 10


You do realise that Roz is not only just the weekend sports presenter, but who will also contribute to ST


This is a great sign. Expansion in other markets to follow soon?


ST is a ratings juggernaut so money well spent.
It will be cancelled within 6 months.


I hope to God that it won’t be.


Hugh Riminton presenting Perth news tonight. Chris left early to appear on takeaway.