Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Send the advertisement through to the African jungle.


To be honest when I first read this, I thought they were axing jobs!!:joy::joy:

But seriously, so good to see!!


Emma Lawrence is presenting sport again this weekend.


Still no Roz.


can’t they use Matt White from time to time, as he presented a few sport bulletins last year, and be like Roz Kelly’s main fill in.


Why? Emma Lawrence has been doing a great job.


yes Emma is doing a great job, however Matt White is hardly used over summer.


Probably because as ‘head of sport’ he’s got summer holidays like most executives.


Roz was always promoted as late Feb iirc


she was? I just thought the start date was February.


Late February is still February


Someone needs to plonk Emma Lawrence in breakfast news. She’s perfect for it.


Amber Austin-Wright doing daytime updates in Queensland today.


Monday (11.02.2019) - Friday (15.02.2019): Pippa Sheehan is presenting Brisbane’s weather this week while Josh Holt is working on Studio 10.



Narelda Jacobs with co-host the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade on SBS


Candice Wyatt is presenting news updates in Melbourne today.



I hear all the presenting teams are in Sydney for promo shoots…


would make sense with that green screen, let’s hope they do more than a week of promos and then fade away again