Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


She’s been appearing on the network for over 3 years. The Project and Studio10 ring a bell?



Candice has done an outstanding job in her short time in Israel. She covered that funeral then moved to Jerusalem to cover an extradition story and embassy move and now something from Bethlehem. Good way to create content off the back of one story she went over for. Maximize the value. There should be more of this from ten.


Thursday -

Nick Etchells presenting news updates in Melbourne today.

Candice Wyatt is presenting in Melbourne tonight with Caty Price presenting sport.


10’s Queensland team dressed for the rain


Where are the Melbourne presenters? Seems odd that both Jeniffer and Stephen are missing.


Although they may both be away, I certainly don’t mind Candice presenting! Was disappointing to see her removed as coanchor in 2017 so its great to still see her presenting sometimes :slight_smile:


Disagree. Candice’s style both presenting and reporting really grates on me. Too tabloid.


Agreed. Stephen should have been removed, not Candice. She is a great presenter.


Emma Lawrence is presenting sport this weekend.


Is Roz Kelly still coming? Seems bizarre she isn’t on air yet.


According to this article, She is due to arrive this month when she finishes maternity leave.


I find her extremely robotic with very little personality.


Melbourne looking for a new journalist.


Georgie almost closed the Brisbane bulletin tonight by almost saying Ten Eyewitness News… before mid sentence changing it to First.


Georgie McKerrow taking over from Tegan George reporting in Townsville


Josh has one more day of weather in the north.


Tegan and Josh have done an outstanding job.


Includes Executive Producer.


It’s clear that they’re expanding.

I can see the introduction of a morning bulletin on the cards soon.