Ten News First Presenters and Reporters


Emma Lawrence?


Joe Hill is presenting in Brisbane again tonight.


It was Emma Lawrence presenting sport tonight.


Emma Lawrence, Chris Lawrence’s sister (Tigers player) - she’s been their #2 sports presenter for a few months now, coming across from Fox Sports News.


She is excellent. A real up and comer.


I’d expect we’ll see more of Tarsh as well now she’s back doing Mon-Fri.


Joe Hill presented in Brisbane again tonight. I’m really missing Georgie.


Georgie’s off sick


Monday & Tuesday -

Emma Lawrence presented sport in Sydney.


Don’t fear! Georgie is back! :hugs:


Melbourne reporter Candice Wyatt is reporting from Tel Aviv, Israel on the funeral for Aiia Maasarwe.



Friday -

Georgia Love presenting news updates in Melbourne today.

Stephen Quartermain is presenting in Melbourne tonight.


Stephen is also reading sport.


Goodluck, Nick.


Australia Day & 27/01/2019:
Lachlan Kennedy is presenting sport this weekend.


10 need to splash some cash on Chris Bath’s wardrobe. The network constantly dresses her in clothes more suited to a 70 year old with the exception being last Sunday.


She looks fantastic and I think it’s refreshing to see a normal woman on TV. I get the impression that she would happily present the bulletin in jeans and a t-shirt if they would let her.


Constantly? She’s been on air two weekends - four bulletins.


Bath has also been on The Project, so maybe six times? :smiley:


Bingo. All you have to do is look at the end cards. That thing she’s wearing looks like a poncho that granny would wear.