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Did she film another closer for the Perth edition? I thought 10 would just keep the weather segment from the national edition and just update the main news and sport.


it’s a local bulletin. the title cards and all were the Perth graphics and proper local news, sport and weather, like the weekday edition


Before the Bath/Ferguson switched happened (hard to believe it’s been nearly five years, time flies!) Peter Overton was beating Chris Bath by a margin of 100k or more at one point, right?

Although the main problem with Seven News Sydney was, and still is the quality of their content. They’d been falling for quite some time beforehand (remember when tabloid stories like the arrests of Brian McFadden and Joel Madden were top headlines?), but I think standards dropped alarmingly when Ferguson took over from Bath as Seven Sydney’s main presenter.

The “Everywhere” campaign & “On Seven News tonight/Seven News Starts Now/Welcome to Seven News” Opener era (with presenter on-screen for Opening Headlines) was a recent low for them - thank goodness they’ve since moved away from that but sadly, Ten still haven’t got the message when it comes to their News Openers! :confused:

Really? If there’s one segment of the bulletin that should be localised for Perth (or any market for that matter), surely it’s the weather?!


Did anyone record the Perth edition?


It’s always hard to know how things could have turned out differently but Bathie was really the least of Seven’s problems during that era. Content and presentation were absolutely garbage, as were their promotions.

IIRC ratings plummeted even further under Mark, it was only after they made bigger changes and put money into revamping the bulletin (and a masssive, massive marketing push) that things started to recover. And even now they remain a noticeable distance behind Nine with very little prospect of surging ahead anytime soon.


Things seemed to go from bad to worse at Seven when Peter Meakin was replaced by Rob Raschke. While the slide started under Meakin’s watch, it accelerated under the new management. I don’t think Raschke had a good grasp on the Sydney market after all those years in Brisbane. The quality of the product was noticeably inferior after he took over and you could tell Bath wasn’t always comfortable with with some of the changes which put her at odds with Raschke and Chris Willis. Having the Nine reject read three days only served to undermine Bath’s position and confuse viewers.

I’d say Meakin’s presence at Ten has a lot to do with why Bath is there. He showed a lot of faith in her when he was running the show at Seven. She wasn’t always the natural successor to Ian Ross but she seemed to win him over with her charm, professionalism and competence. If both had remained at Seven I think the race between Seven and Nine would be a lot tighter today.


I would say he got Jennifer Keyte over too


That’s already been confirmed that he approached her just before she was about to re-sign with 7 while her contract was up for negotiation.


Will Goodings Joins Network 10.

Sporting A New Look On 10 News First.

From the radio airwaves and now to your television screens, popular Adelaide broadcaster Will Goodings is joining Network 10, as weekday sport presenter for 10 News First Adelaide.

Will, who co-anchors Adelaide’s leading commercial breakfast radio show on FIVEaa, will join News Presenter Rebecca Morse at the desk from Monday, 28 January. He will report to 10’s Network Director Of News Content Ross Dagan.

Ross said: “I know Will is a fantastic fit for our outstanding Adelaide team. I haven’t met a more enthusiastic sports fan, so he is perfect to front our sports coverage. His radio role means he is already well placed to know what matters most to the people of South Australia.”

Will said: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining the team at 10 News First . Sport is a passion of mine and the opportunity to work on the biggest sporting stories in 2019 with the dynamic group at 10 is an incredible one.

“Continuing to watch, read, and tweet about sport but getting to call it work is pretty exciting too.”

Will’s long-standing commitment to radio broadcasting has established him as one of South Australia’s most trusted, professional and admired media personalities.

His career spans over 11 years with Nova Entertainment’s commercial AM talkback radio station FIVEaa, where he has held a number of roles from producing to on-air announcing across the day. In 2015, Will joined the breakfast show line-up alongside David Penberthy and prior to this he had a two-year stint in local politics as a senior media advisor.

10’s Adelaide News Manager, Fiona Clark, said: “I’m delighted to have such a talented broadcaster join our local team. Anyone who listens to the FIVEaa breakfast show each morning knows what a passionate sports fan Will is and I look forward to him sharing that passion with our 10 News First viewers.”

Will replaces Nick Butler who after five years in Adelaide, has made the decision to return home to Melbourne, accepting a position with Melbourne’s 10 News First and 10 Sport . Nick’s last day with the Adelaide team is Friday, 25 January.

Ross added: “Nick has a lot to offer in a combined news and sport role in Melbourne and we see it as a perfect fit for his experience and talents. He has my warmest thanks for his impressive contribution over the last five years.”

Nick said: “To be given the opportunity to work on sport coverage for Network 10 is a dream come true for me and a great honour.

“While I’m excited to return to my hometown and be welcomed back to 10 News First Melbourne, I leave Adelaide with a heavy heart. I have had five wonderful years in Adelaide and I will forever consider myself an honorary South Australian, especially as I met my wife Mel here.”


This is a win-win for 10. Nick is a great reporter and will add depth to the Melbourne newsroom, while Will Goodings is a fantastic addition to the news team in Adelaide.

Good to see 10’s news department continuing to grow.

Too bad they still don’t have much sports on their cards other than Bathurst and Melbourne Cup.


Hugh Riminton is reporting from Indonesia tonight.


Hugh Riminton appointed 10 Network’s national affairs editor

Network 10 has announced the appointment of experienced and respected journalist Hugh Riminton as the Network’s national affairs editor.

In this role, Mr Riminton will cover and investigate the most important news and issues that affect Australians for 10’s news brands including 10 News First , The Project , Studio 10 , 10 Daily and 10 Speaks . He will report to network director of news content Ross Dagan.

Mr Dagan said: “Hugh is one of Australia’s most experienced correspondents. As our national affairs editor, he will have a roving brief across the network to cover issues that matter most to Australians and break stories. From how we make ends meet, to where our country is heading and our place in the world, Hugh will have all you need to know. We’re very fortunate to have someone of Hugh’s calibre in this role.”

Mr Riminton said: “There are a lot of big shifts happening in Australia and around the world. There is a real gap in the market when it comes to reporting what really matters to Australians in ways that everyone can understand. That’s our mission and it’s great to be focused on highlighting these important issues.

“We’re going digging. Send me your tips.”

Mr Riminton is a multi-award winning journalist and author whose reporting work over 30 years has taken him all around the world and to almost every corner of Australia.

He has been a foreign correspondent and presenter for CNN and Channel 9 and a political editor and newsreader for 10.

Mr Riminton was a foundation board member of the veterans’ welfare charity Soldier On. He chairs the refugee education fund, the John Mac Foundation and is also on the advisory board of Media Diversity Australia.

Mr Riminton has received numerous awards, including two Walkleys, a Logie, honours from the Human Rights Commission and the UN Association Media Award.


fantastic role for Hugh.

does Chris Bath become the backup ready in Sydney then?


I don’t know. How about you tell us :joy:


If you can convince her to drop her ABC radio role, then sure :joy:


Maybe Hugh will continue to be Sandra’s fill in despite his new role.


Ten continuing to ramp up news with proper appointments in key roles that previously were thought of as unecessary under that previously oppressive regime. We’ve had political editor, national affairs editor and European correspondent all been reinstated. US bureau should be next one would think.



Love this.

Exactly what Ten’s news offering has generally catered towards in the commercial news market, and what they need to ensure they remain focused on. Hugh’s appointment should hopefully help with this :+1:


Who was the young lady that filled in on sport in the 5pm Sydney news today?

Emma someone, I think?